White Hall of the Winter Palace

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The White Hall in 1863, by
Luigi Premazzi

The White Hall of the Winter Palace was designed by the architect Alexander Briullov to commemorate the marriage of the Tsarevich to Maria of Hesse in 1841. This period coincided with a large rebuilding of the Winter Palace following a severe fire in 1837. While the exterior of the palace was recreated in its original 18th-century style, much of the interior was rebuilt in a variety of styles, dependent on the whims and tastes of their intended occupants.

The hall and adjoining rooms formed the suite of the Tsarevich and Tsarevna, and remained their private rooms after their accession in 1855.

The hall is in a classical style, its vaulted ceiling supported by Corinthian columns crowned by statues representing the arts.

Today, as part of the State Hermitage Museum, this room retains its original decoration.


Location of the White Hall within the Winter Palace