The White Horse Inn (1952 film)

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The White Horse Inn
The White Horse Inn (1952 film).jpg
Directed by Willi Forst
Produced by Erik Charell
Günther Stapenhorst
Written by Horst Budjuhn
Harry Halm
Oskar Blumenthal (play)
Gustaf Kadelburg (play)
Hans Müller (operetta)
Erik Charell (operetta)
Starring Johanna Matz
Johannes Heesters
Walter Müller
Music by Ralph Benatzky
Robert Gilbert
Werner Eisbrenner
Robert Stolz
Cinematography Günther Anders
Edited by Margot von Schlieffen
Doris Zeltmann
Distributed by Gloria Film
Release date
19 December 1952
Running time
95 minutes
Country West Germany
Language German

The White Horse Inn (German: Im weißen Rößl is a 1952 West German musical film directed by Willi Forst and starring Johanna Matz, Johannes Heesters and Walter Müller.[1] It is based on the operetta The White Horse Inn and is part of the operetta film genre.

It was shot in studios in Munich and on location around Lake Kochel in southern Bavaria. The film's sets were designed by Kurt Herlth, Robert Herlth and Willy Schatz. Paula Wessely was originally intended to star, but because she was unavailable, the lead role was rewritten for Johanna Matz.



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