The White Horseman

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The White Horseman
White Horseman lobby card.JPG
Lobby card from "Cave of Despair"
Directed by Albert Russell
Produced by William Lord Wright
Written by Ford Beebe
Albert Russell
Starring Art Acord
Eva Forrestor
Distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Co.
Release date
  • May 30, 1921 (1921-05-30)
Running time
18 episodes
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

The White Horseman is a 1921 American Western film serial directed by Albert Russell. The serial consisted of eighteen episodes and is now is considered lost although some print clippings are known to have survived.[1][2]


  • Art Acord as Wayne Allen / The White Horseman
  • Eva Forrestor as Jean Ramsey (as Iva Forrester)
  • Duke R. Lee as John Ramsey / Sam Ramsey / The Mummy Man
  • Beatrice Dominguez as Zona
  • Hank Bell as The White Spider
  • Tote Du Crow as Cuevas
  • Marie Tropic as Onava


  1. Cave of Despair
  2. The Spider's Web
  3. The Mummy Man
  4. The Death Trap
  5. Trails of Treachery
  6. Furnace of Fear
  7. Brink of Eternity
  8. Pit of Evil
  9. The Opal Bracelet
  10. In the Enemy's Hands
  11. A Race with Death
  12. The Bridge of Fear
  13. The Hill of Horror
  14. A Jest of Fate
  15. A Conquest of Courage
  16. Fire of Fury
  17. The Wings of Destiny
  18. The Avenging Conscience

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