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The White Octave was a rock band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They released two full-length albums and appeared on several compilations before finally breaking up. The founding member, Steve Pedersen (formerly of Slowdown Virginia/Cursive) went back to his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska to form the band Criteria. Robert Biggers and Finn Cohen went on to form The Nein.

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  • Emo Diaries No. 5: I Guess this is Goodbye (2000)
  • Deep Elm Records Sampler 3: Sound Spirit Fury Fire (2001)
  • Deep Elm Records: Unreleased No. 2 (2002)
  • Emo is Awesome/Emo is Evil: Deep Elm Records (2002)
  • Bifocal Media: Kampai (2002)
  • Patchwork (2002)
  • Too Young to Die: Preventing Youth Suicide (2003)

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