The White Wolf

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The White Wolf
The White Wolf (The Sarah Jane Adventures).jpg
Author Gary Russell
Audio read by Elisabeth Sladen
Series Doctor Who
The Sarah Jane Adventures Collection
Release number
Publisher BBC Audio
Publication date
3 September 2009
Media type Audiobook
CD and Digital Download (60 minutes)
ISBN 978-1-4084-2490-2
Preceded by The Ghost House
Followed by The Shadow People

The White Wolf is the fifth audio story in a series of ten audiobooks, written by Gary Russell and is a spin-off from the British science fiction television series The Sarah Jane Adventures, itself a spin-off from Doctor Who.[1][2]


Sarah Jane receives a letter from a man called Edison Cluff, who was an old friend of her aunt but neither Sarah Jane or Edison can remember meeting. Sarah Jane and Luke go undercover to explore the village of Wolfenden were Edison lives but soon find out that the white wolf carved on the hillside has more to do with alien than she originally thought.


  • Luke mention he does not have to worry about tooth decay as Bane teeth don't decay.
  • Sarah Jane speaks of her Aunt Lavinia acknowledging how proud she must have been of her (A Girl's Best Friend). This help Sarah Jane realise how proud of Luke she is.
  • Ben remarks that having scanned Luke's mind that peaceful races such as Arcateenians, Viyrans and even the Uvodni could have taken them home.
  • Sarah Jane mentions that there is no need to involve the Judoon or the Shadow Proclamation, last mentioned in Prisoner of the Judoon.



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