Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

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Nancy Drew: White Wolf of Icicle Creek
Nancy Drew - The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Cover Art.jpeg
Developer(s) Her Interactive
Publisher(s) Her Interactive
Sega (Wii)
Platform(s) Wii, Windows
  • NA: June 7, 2007 (Win)
  • NA: December 2, 2008 (Wii)
Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Single player

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek is the 16th installment in the Nancy Drew point-and-click adventure game series by Her Interactive. The game is available for play on Microsoft Windows platforms as well as the Nintendo Wii. It has an ESRB rating of E, though the game does have a premise unlikely to be understood by children and it does have some moments of mild violence and references to alcoholic beverages. Players take on the first-person view of fictional amateur sleuth Nancy Drew and must solve the mystery through interrogation of suspects, solving puzzles, and discovering clues. There are two levels of gameplay, Junior and Senior detective modes, each offering a different difficulty level of puzzles and hints, however neither of these changes affect the actual plot of the game. The game is loosely based on a book entitled The Mystery of the Mother Wolf (2000).[1][2]

The game was originally released in June 2007 for Windows but was ported to the Wii in December 2008. The latter incorporated the different control scheme into the gameplay and minigames.


Nancy Drew travels to Alberta, Canada to stay at Icicle Creek Lodge. Chantal, the owner of the lodge, has asked her to investigate a recent string of suspicious accidents that have happened at the lodge. A white wolf also appears at the site of the accidents and then mysteriously disappears when the police arrive. As Nancy makes her way to the lodge, an explosion destroys the bunkhouse and a wolf howls ominously in the distance. Nancy has barely set foot on the premises and already trouble is afoot! It's up to Nancy to solve this mystery before all the guests leave and Chantal is left out in the cold.


  • Nancy Drew - Nancy is an eighteen-year-old amateur detective from the fictional town of River Heights in the United States. She is the only playable character in the game, which means the player must solve the mystery from her perspective.
  • Ollie Randall - Ollie is the handyman at the lodge. He is tired of the wolf disrupting his day and terrorizing guests. He is a rather gruff man, who believes that shooting the wolf and mounting it on the wall will solve all of the Lodge's problems. Could he be using the wolf as a cover for his own personal agenda?
  • Freddie Randall - Freddie is Ollie's daughter. She spends all day playing "Snow Princess" in her ice fort and challenging anyone who tries to pass by to a snowball fight. Does she have a hidden secret?
  • Yanni Volkstaia - Yanni is an egotistical Olympic cross-country skier from the country of Fredonia. He believes that his competitors are spying on him and trying to rattle his nerves by causing the accidents at the Lodge. What is making Yanni feel so paranoid?
  • Guadalupe Comillo - Guadalupe, known as Lupe to her friends, is a birdwatcher from Los Angeles. She knows surprisingly little about birds but plenty about wolves. Guadalupe arrived at the lodge just as the trouble with the wolf started, and she hasn't been frightened away yet. Could she be trying to scare away the other guests?
  • Bill Kessler - Bill is an avid ice fisherman who enjoys spending his days catching record-setting Northern Pikes at the lodge. The prowling wolf has put a damper on Bill's trip, and he wants it destroyed, even if it means destroying Icicle Creek Lodge. Could his obsession and hatred cause him to resort to sabotage?
  • Lou Talbot - Lou is an art student from California who has come to the lodge to snowshoe. He's the only one who says the wolf isn't responsible for the sabotage, but is there more to the story that he's not telling?


  • Nancy Drew / Freddie - Lani Minella
  • Ollie Randall - Mark Shone
  • Chantal Moique - Kate Jaeger
  • Bill Kessler - Jonah Von Spreecken
  • Lou Talbot - Gabriel Baron
  • Yanni Volkstaia - Evan Newton
  • Guadalupe Comillo - Kate Wisniewski
  • Sheriff Mahihkan / Additional Voices - Keith Dahlgren
  • Ned Nickerson - Scott Carty
  • Tino Balducci - Jeff Minnerly
  • Nikki Sabatini / Additional Voices - Amy Broomhall
  • Additional Voices - Brian Neel
  • White Wolf - Tony Bradshaw


Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
PC and Wii review scores for Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 74.83% (PC)[3]
66.70% (Wii)[4]
Metacritic 73/100 (PC)[5]
67/100 (Wii)[6]
Review scores
Publication Score
Adventure Gamers 3.5/5 stars (PC)[7]
IGN 7.5/10 (Wii)[8]

Reception to the game ranged from mixed to positive, with the story being praised though some criticized puzzles and pacing.


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