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The Who Tour 1967
Tour by The Who
Associated album "A Quick One"
Start date 6 January 1967
End date 31 December 1967
Legs 12
Shows 212 (approximately)
The Who concert chronology
The Who Tour 1966
The Who Tour 1967
The Who Tour 1968

The Who Tour 1967 was a series of performances and tours by The Who, supporting releases such as A Quick One, "Pictures of Lily", and The Who Sell Out. 1967 was the first year the group performed in North America.


The group continued to perform in the United Kingdom and Europe in the early part of the year, promoting A Quick One and "Happy Jack", both released in late 1966; one performance at the Saville Theatre in London saw the group share the bill with The Jimi Hendrix Experience, who had been performing in England since the previous September. In March, the band made their first trip to North America to play two to three short performances per day at New York City's 58th Street Theater as part of shows promoted by disc jockey Murray the K, packaging the group with several other artists. After the release of "Pictures of Lily", a return trip saw the band tour the United States and Canada coast-to-coast over three months while supporting Herman's Hermits, highlighted by their six-song set at the Monterey Pop Festival in June as well as an appearance on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, both which showcased the requisite instrument smashing ritual that usually closed their performances (and produced memorable footage for The Kids Are Alright biopic). The group also booked studio time during the tour to record material for The Who Sell Out and tracks like "Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand" whenever possible. In between more performances in the United Kingdom, the band returned for another two-week stint in America late in the year, with The Who Sell Out seeing release in December.

Live Releases[edit]

Live material from 1967 (excluding TV appearances where the band mimed to pre-recorded material) has appeared on a number of different releases:

Band members[edit]

Typical set lists[edit]

January-Early April: UK, Italy, and First US Shows[edit]

With A Quick One released in late 1966, shows during the early part of the year saw performances of songs like "So Sad About Us", "Run Run Run", and "Don't Look Away", none of which would feature in the group's act for very long. Meanwhile, other new numbers such as "Happy Jack" (released in late 1966 as a single) and John Entwistle's "Boris the Spider" were also incorporated into the show and would become fan favourites. Older singles such as "Substitute", "I'm a Boy", and "My Generation" continued to feature heavily in the act.

Songs documented as being played at this stage are as follows (all written by Pete Townshend unless otherwise specified):

  1. "I Can't Explain"
  2. "So Sad About Us"
  3. "Barbara Ann" (Fred Fassert)
  4. "Run Run Run"
  5. "Don't Look Away"
  6. "Substitute"
  7. "I'm a Boy"
  8. "Happy Jack"
  9. "Boris the Spider" (John Entwistle)
  10. "My Generation"

April–June: Europe and UK[edit]

The band’s new single, "Pictures of Lily", was added to the act at this point, as the group did short tours of Germany and Scandinavia as well as a few dates in England. Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues", which would be a staple in the group's act and arguably their most well-known cover tune, also began appearing around this time. The band even reportedly played their cover of Jan and Dean's "Bucket T." while in Sweden, the track having charted well in that country after being released as a single (it appeared on the Ready Steady Who EP in England). Drummer Keith Moon missed several shows in late May and early June while recovering from a hernia.

June–September: First North American Tour[edit]

A long, three-month North American tour was the group’s first, supporting Herman's Hermits and highlighted by their appearance at the Monterey Pop Festival. They began playing the "mini-opera" "A Quick One, While He's Away" at this time and also appeared on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour at the very end of the tour, miming to both the newly recorded "I Can See for Miles" and a specially-recorded version of "My Generation" culminating in an instrument smash-up that Pete Townshend and Tommy Smothers played into a comedy routine, later seen at the beginning of The Kids Are Alright.

Songs documented as being played at this stage are as follows (all written by Pete Townshend unless otherwise specified):

  1. "Substitute"
  2. "Pictures of Lily"
  3. "Summertime Blues" (Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart)
  4. "So Sad About Us"
  5. "Barbara Ann" (Fred Fassert)
  6. "Boris the Spider" (John Entwistle)
  7. "A Quick One, While He's Away"
  8. "Happy Jack"
  9. "I'm a Boy"
  10. "My Generation"

There were some set list substitutions, variations, and order switches during the tour. Some other songs were played which are not in the above lists:

October–December: UK Dates and Return to America[edit]

The group continued to perform in both the United Kingdom and United States while finishing The Who Sell Out. Songs from the album such as "I Can See for Miles", "Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand", "Odorono", "Relax", "Tattoo", and "Rael" were reportedly played at this stage, but no recordings of these shows exist. The band began playing the Johnny Kidd and the Pirates hit "Shakin' All Over", which would be a mainstay of their sets in 19691970, around this time as well.

Songs documented as being played at this stage are as follows (all written by Pete Townshend unless otherwise specified):

  1. "I Can't Explain"
  2. "Substitute"
  3. "Pictures of Lily"
  4. "A Quick One, While He's Away"
  5. "Run Run Run"
  6. "Summertime Blues" (Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart)
  7. "Happy Jack"
  8. "My Generation"

There were some set list substitutions, variations, and order switches during the tour. Some other songs were played which are not in the above lists:

  • "Rael"
    • Performed on 6, 7, 8 and 21 October.
  • "Shakin' All Over" (Johnny Kidd)
    • Performed on 22 October.
  • "Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand"
    • Performed on 17 and 22 November.
  • "I Can See For Miles"
    • Performed on 18 November.
  • "Love Hurts" (Boudleaux Bryant)
    • Performed on 25 November.
  • "Boris the Spider" (John Entwistle)
    • Performed on 25 November.
  • "Odorono"
    • Performed on 29 November.
  • "Tattoo"
    • Performed on 29 November.
  • "Relax"
    • Performed on 29 November.

"Boris the Spider" and "I'm a Boy" were likely part of the act at this time as well.

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
United Kingdom
6 January 1967 Morecambe England Central Pier
13 January 1967 Kirkby-in-Ashfield Festival Hall
14 January 1967 Coventry
18 January 1967 Purley, London Orchid Ballroom
21 January 1967 Leeds Leeds University
25 January 1967 London Kingsway Theatre (2 shows)
26 January 1967 Bristol Locarno
28 January 1967 Folkestone Toft's Club
29 January 1967 London Saville Theatre (2 shows)
31 January 1967 Ilford Palais des Danse
2 February 1967 Coventry Locarno
4 February 1967 Portsmouth Birdcage
5 February 1967 Southampton Waterfront
10 February 1967 Grimsby Gaiety Ballroom
11 February 1967 Cromer Royal Links Pavilion
12 February 1967 Greenford Starlite Ballroom
20 February 1967 Cardiff Wales (unconfirmed)
23 February 1967 Torino Italy Palazzetto dello Sport (2 shows)
24 February 1967 Bologna Palazzetto dello Sport (2 shows)
25 February 1967 Milan Palalido
26 February 1967 Rome Palazzetto dello Sport (unconfirmed)
Piper Club
United Kingdom
2 March 1967 London England Marquee Club
4 March 1967 Dunstable California Ballroom
10 March 1967 Cardiff Wales Top Rank Suite
11 March 1967 Stoke-on-Trent England Kings Hall
13 March 1967 Leicester Granby Halls
17 March 1967 Devon Exeter University
18 March 1967 Devonport Forum Cinema
20 March 1967 Bath Bath Pavilion
United States
25 March 1967 (3 shows) New York City United States RKO 58th Street Theater
26 March 1967 (3 shows)
27 March 1967 (2 shows)
28 March 1967 (2 shows)
29 March 1967 (2 shows)
30 March 1967 (2 shows)
31 March 1967 (2 shows)
1 April 1967 (3 shows)
2 April 1967 (3 shows)
4 April 1967 Germany (unconfirmed)
5 April 1967 Offenburg Oberrheinhalle
8 April 1967 Nuremberg Messehalle
9 April 1967 Wuppertal Thalia Theater
10 April 1967 Herford Jaguar Club
11 April 1967 Düsseldorf Rheinhalle
12 April 1967 Ludwigshafen Friedrich-Ebert Halle
13 April 1967 Munich Circus Krone Building (2 shows)
14 April 1967 Münster Halle Münsterland
15 April 1967 Siegen Siegerlandhalle
Wiesbaden Rhein-Main Halle
16 April 1967 Ravensburg Overschwabenhalle
Ulm Donauhalle
18 April 1967 (unconfirmed)
19 April 1967 Bremen Stadthalle Bremen
United Kingdom
21 April 1967 Brighton England Brighton Dome
24 April 1967 Bath Bath Pavilion
25 April 1967 High Wycombe Town Hall
30 April 1967 Helsinki Finland Helsinki Ice Hall
2 May 1967 Oslo Norway Njardhallen
3 May 1967 Gothenburg Sweden Cirkus Lorensbergsparken (2 shows)
4 May 1967 Norrköping Mässhallen
Jönköping Rigoletto
5 May 1967 Eskilstuna Sporthallen
6 May 1967 Stockholm Kungliga Tennishallen
7 May 1967 Kristianstad Sommarlust
Malmö Malmö Stadion
United Kingdom/Belgium/Ireland
10 May 1967 Swansea England Top Rank Ballroom
11 May 1967 Belfast Northern Ireland
13 May 1967 Bognor Regis England Shoreline Hotel
17 May 1967 Stevenage Locarno Ballroom
20 May 1967 Brussels Belgium Woluwe Festival
27 May 1967 Oxford England Pembroke College
Grand Marquee
29 May 1967 Glasgow Scotland Locarno Ballroom
3 June 1967 Southport England Floral Hall
8 June 1967 Belfast Northern Ireland Ulster Hall (2 shows)
9 June 1967 Magilligan Ireland Golden Slipper Ballroom
10 June 1967 Douglas England Palace Ballroom
12 June 1967 Cambridge Christ's College
North America (supporting Herman's Hermits)
14 June 1967 Ann Arbor, Michigan United States Fifth Dimension Club
15 June 1967 Arlington Heights, Illinois Cellar
16 June 1967 San Francisco, California Fillmore Auditorium
17 June 1967
18 June 1967 Monterey, California Monterey Pop FestivalMonterey County Fairgrounds
7 July 1967 Lido Beach, New York Malibu Beach and Shore Club
8 July 1967 New York City Village Theatre
13 July 1967 Calgary, Alberta Canada Stampede Corral (2 shows)
14 July 1967 Portland, Oregon United States Memorial Coliseum
15 July 1967 Seattle, Washington Seattle Center Coliseum
16 July 1967 Sacramento, California Memorial Auditorium (2 shows)
17 July 1967 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada Agrodome
19 July 1967 Salt Lake City, Utah United States Lagoon Terrace Ballroom (2 shows)
21 July 1967 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oklahoma State Fair Arena
22 July 1967 Houston, Texas Sam Houston Coliseum
23 July 1967 Dallas, Texas Dallas Memorial Auditorium
26 July 1967 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Redemptorist High School Football Stadium
28 July 1967 Montgomery, Alabama Garrett Coliseum
29 July 1967 Birmingham, Alabama Boutwell Memorial Auditorium (3 shows)
30 July 1967 Miami Beach, Florida Miami Beach Convention Hall
31 July 1967 St. Petersburg, Florida Bayfront Center
1 August 1967 Jackson, Mississippi Mississippi State Coliseum
3 August 1967 Madison, Wisconsin Dane County Coliseum
4 August 1967 Omaha, Nebraska Rosenblatt Stadium
5 August 1967 Chicago, Illinois International Amphitheatre
8 August 1967 Boston, Massachusetts Boston Garden (unconfirmed)
9 August 1967 Toronto Canada Maple Leaf Gardens
11 August 1967 Baltimore, Maryland United States Baltimore Civic Center
12 August 1967 Asbury Park, New Jersey Asbury Park Convention Hall (2 shows)
13 August 1967 Washington, D.C. DAR Constitution Hall (2 shows)
14 August 1967 Providence, Rhode Island Rhode Island Auditorium
15 August 1967 Nashville, Tennessee Bradley's Barn
17 August 1967 Chattanooga, Tennessee Memorial Auditorium (2 shows)
20 August 1967 Fargo, North Dakota Fargo Civic Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota Minneapolis Auditorium
21 August 1967 Edmonton, Alberta Canada Edmonton Gardens
22 August 1967 Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg Arena
23 August 1967 Flint, Michigan United States Atwood Stadium
24 August 1967 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia Civic Center
25 August 1967 St. Louis, Missouri Kiel Opera House (2 shows)
26 August 1967 Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada Fort William Gardens
Duluth, Minnesota United States Duluth Arena Auditorium
27 August 1967 Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati Music Hall (2 shows)
28 August 1967 Sioux Falls, South Dakota Sioux Falls Arena
29 August 1967 Atlanta, Georgia Municipal Auditorium (2 shows)
30 August 1967 Rochester, New York Rochester War Memorial
31 August 1967 Cleveland, Ohio Public Hall (2 shows)
1 September 1967 Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum
2 September 1967 Columbus, Ohio Ohio State Fairgrounds (2 shows)
3 September 1967 Ohio State Fairgrounds (2 shows)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Civic Arena
4 September 1967 Columbus, Ohio Ohio State Fairgrounds (2 shows)
8 September 1967 Anaheim, California Anaheim Convention Center
9 September 1967 Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaii International Center
United Kingdom
6 October 1967 Nairn Scotland Ballerina Ballroom
7 October 1967 Aberdeen The Beach Ballroom
8 October 1967 Dunfermline Kinema Ballroom
21 October 1967 Manchester England New Century Hall
22 October 1967 London Saville Theatre (2 shows)
28 October 1967 Sheffield Sheffield City Hall (2 shows)
29 October 1967 Coventry Coventry Theatre (2 shows)
30 October 1967 Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle City Hall (2 shows)
1 November 1967 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre (2 shows)
3 November 1967 Kingston upon Thames Granada Cinema (2 shows)
4 November 1967 Walthamstow Granada Cinema (2 shows)
5 November 1967 Nottingham Theatre Royal (2 shows)
6 November 1967 Birmingham Birmingham Town Hall (2 shows)
8 November 1967 Kettering Granada Cinema (2 shows)
9 November 1967 Maidstone Granada Cinema (2 shows)
10 November 1967 Slough Adelphi Cinema (2 shows)
11 November 1967 Nelson Imperial Ballroom
United States
17 November 1967 Overland Park, Kansas United States Shawnee Mission South High School
18 November 1967 Daly City, California Cow Palace
19 November 1967 Los Angeles, California Hollywood Bowl
21 November 1967 Fargo, North Dakota Civic Auditorium
22 November 1967 Southfield, Michigan Southfield High School
23 November 1967 Muncie, Indiana New Barn, Lions Delaware County Fairgrounds
24 November 1967 Fort Wayne, Indiana The Swingin' Gate
25 November 1967 New York City Village Theatre (2 shows)
26 November 1967 Village Theatre
29 November 1967 Scotch Plains, New Jersey Union Catholic High School
1 December 1967 Commack, New York Long Island Arena
United Kingdom
6 December 1967 Kingston upon Hull England Hull University
8 December 1967 Durham Durham University
18 December 1967 Bath Bath Pavilion
30 December 1967 Hastings Pier Ballroom
31 December 1967 London Upper Cut

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