The Who Tour 1982

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The Who Tour 1982
Tour by The Who
Associated album "It's Hard"
Start date 10 September 1982
End date 17 December 1982
Legs 3
No. of shows 42
The Who concert chronology

The Who Tour 1982 was The Who's last with drummer Kenney Jones. While the tour was originally intended to support their 1982 album It's Hard, the band later announced it would be their final tour, though they would eventually reunite twice and then tour again in 1989.


Aside from two warm-up shows in Birmingham, the tour took place entirely in the United States and Canada. During the first Birmingham show, Pete Townshend announced the group's intention to do a proper British tour the following year, but they later decided against this and to make the 1982 tour their last. Though this ultimately would not be the case, it would be their last tour until 1989.

The set list included a number of new songs from It's Hard. "Dangerous", "It's Hard", "Eminence Front", and "Cry If You Want" were performed nightly, while "Athena" and "A Man Is a Man" were also played several times each. "Cooks County", which Townshend had written after seeing a television documentary on Chicago's Cook County Hospital, was fittingly played during one of the band's October shows in Rosemont, Illinois. Meanwhile, only "The Quiet One" was retained from Face Dances, though they had played a number of other songs from that album on the previous tour. Besides "Eminence Front", which has been featured in the band's act off and on since 1982, "Cry If You Want" is the only It's Hard track the band has played since these tours, having appeared a few times in the group's first shows of 2006 and as part of a medley following "My Generation" from 2006 to 2009; it was also briefly included at the start of The Who Hits 50! tour in late 2014.

"My Generation", a staple in the group's live act since 1965, did not appear until the 14th show of the year, and did not lead into long jams as it had since the late 1960s; it also served as the show-opener for the first time in the band's career. Meanwhile, a number of songs were reintroduced to the act after long absences, such as "Love Reign O'er Me", "Squeeze Box", "Love Ain't for Keeping", and "Doctor Jimmy".

After letting keyboard player John "Rabbit" Bundrick go following the 1981 tour, the group filled this role with Tim Gorman, who had also played on It's Hard. Despite this, Bundrick would again join the band when they reunited for Live Aid in 1985 and remained their keyboard player until 2011.

Live Releases[edit]

Live material from 1982 has appeared on a number of different releases:

The Clash's support set at Shea Stadium on 13 October became a popular bootleg, eventually being officially released as Live at Shea Stadium in 2008.[1]

Tour band[edit]


Typical set lists[edit]

UK Warm-up shows[edit]

The band played two warm-up shows at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England shortly before travelling to North America. While Townshend's announcement during the first show that they planned to do "a proper British tour next year" was met with loud cheers, this ultimately did not occur. The following is the set list from both dates (only the encores differed). All songs written by Pete Townshend unless otherwise specified.

  1. "Substitute"
  2. "I Can't Explain"
  3. "Dangerous" (John Entwistle)
  4. "Sister Disco"
  5. "The Quiet One"
  6. "It's Hard"
  7. "Eminence Front"
  8. "Behind Blue Eyes"
  9. "Baba O'Riley"
  10. "I'm One"
  11. "The Punk and the Godfather"
  12. "Drowned"
  13. "A Man Is a Man"
  14. "Cry If You Want"
  15. "Who Are You"
  16. "Pinball Wizard"
  17. "See Me, Feel Me"
  18. "5.15"
  19. "Love Reign O'er Me"
  20. "Long Live Rock"
  21. "Naked Eye" (only on 11 September)
  22. "Won't Get Fooled Again"


First North American leg[edit]

The band returned to North America for the first time in over two years, beginning this leg on 22 September at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland and ending on 31 October at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. The show on 13 October at Shea Stadium in New York City featured a rare performance of "I Saw Her Standing There" and closed with "Twist and Shout", both songs recorded by The Beatles and both sung by John Entwistle. Here is a fairly typical set list (all songs written by Pete Townshend unless otherwise specified):

  1. "Substitute" (also appeared later in the set during several shows when "My Generation" served as the opener)
  2. "I Can't Explain" (opened the show on 6 October)
  3. "Dangerous" (John Entwistle)
  4. "Sister Disco"
  5. "The Quiet One"
  6. "It's Hard" (replaced with "Cooks County" on 6 October)
  7. "Eminence Front"
  8. "Behind Blue Eyes"
  9. "Baba O'Riley"
  10. "My Generation" (starting 7 October; also opened a number of shows)
  11. "I'm One" (not played every night; dropped after 13 October)
  12. "The Punk and the Godfather" (not played every night; dropped after 13 October)
  13. "Drowned"
  14. "A Man Is a Man" (not played every night)
  15. "Cry If You Want" (sometimes including teases of "Another Tricky Day")
  16. "Who Are You"
  17. "Pinball Wizard"
  18. "See Me, Feel Me"
  19. "5.15"
  20. "Love Reign O'er Me"
  21. "Long Live Rock"
  22. "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Encores (variations of the following list):

There were some set list substitutions, variations, and order switches during the tour. Some other songs were played which are not in the above lists:

  • "Happy Jack"
    • Performed as a tease on 29 September.
  • "Cooks County"
    • Performed on 6 October.
  • "Tattoo"
    • Performed on 13, 15, 25, 27, 29 and 31 October.
  • "I Can See for Miles"
    • Performed on 30 September 20, 21, 23, 29 and 31 October.

Second North American leg[edit]

The band returned after a four-week break for the second leg of the tour, which began on 27 November at the Orlando Stadium in Orlando, Florida. Townshend announced at the second show in Richfield, Ohio on 14 December that they were playing "their last concert in the U.S.A." (as heard on the live album Who's Last), as was obviously intended at the time. The tour concluded with two shows at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens, the second of which was made available via pay-per-view and radio broadcasts throughout North America, as it was thought to be the last performance of their final tour. The group would of course subsequently reunite for various events (the first being Live Aid in 1985) and tours.

"Doctor Jimmy", "Boris the Spider", "Love Ain't For Keeping", and "Squeeze Box" were reintroduced to the set on this leg after long absences. Here is a fairly typical set list (all songs written by Pete Townshend unless otherwise specified):

  1. "My Generation" (also appeared later in the set during several shows, when "Substitute" served as the show-opener)
  2. "I Can't Explain" (not on 4 December)
  3. "Dangerous" (John Entwistle)
  4. "Sister Disco"
  5. "The Quiet One"
  6. "It's Hard"
  7. "Eminence Front"
  8. "Behind Blue Eyes"
  9. "Baba O'Riley"
  10. "I Can See for Miles" (replaced with "Doctor Jimmy" starting 6 December)
  11. "Boris the Spider" (John Entwistle) (starting 6 December)
  12. "Drowned"
  13. "Tattoo" (performed on 27, 29 and 30 November; and 4 December)
  14. "Cry If You Want" (not performed on 6 December)
  15. "Who Are You"
  16. "Pinball Wizard"
  17. "See Me, Feel Me"
  18. "Love Ain't For Keeping" (starting 1 December; sometimes appeared elsewhere in the set)
  19. "5.15"
  20. "Love Reign O'er Me"
  21. "Long Live Rock"
  22. "Won't Get Fooled Again"


There were some set list substitutions, variations, and order switches during the tour. Another song was played which is not in the above lists:

  • "Substitute"
    • Performed on 29 November; and 1, 3, 4 and 6 December.

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue Tickets sold / available Revenue
Europe warm-up shows
10 September 1982 Birmingham England National Exhibition Centre
11 September 1982
First North American leg
22 September 1982 Landover, Maryland United States Capital Centre 37,600 / 37,600 $564,000
23 September 1982
25 September 1982 Philadelphia JFK Stadium 91,451 / 91,451 $1,440,351
26 September 1982 Orchard Park, New York Rich Stadium 80,000 / 80,000 $1,200,000
28 September 1982 Pittsburgh Civic Arena 17,200 / 17,200 $257,154
29 September 1982 Indianapolis Market Square Arena 15,442 / 15,442 $231,630
30 September 1982 Pontiac, Michigan Silverdome 75,000 / 75,000 $1,119,000
2 October 1982 Saint Paul, Minnesota St. Paul Civic Center
3 October 1982
5 October 1982 Rosemont, Illinois Rosemont Horizon 36,496 / 36,496 $541,035
6 October 1982
7 October 1982 Louisville, Kentucky Freedom Hall 18,337 / 18,337 $271,755
9 October 1982 Toronto Canada CNE Stadium 64,000 / 64,000 $1,280,000
10 October 1982 East Rutherford, New Jersey United States Brendan Byrne Arena 20,062 / 20,062 $315,453
12 October 1982 New York City Shea Stadium 140,000 / 140,000 $2,200,000
13 October 1982
15 October 1982 Cedar Falls, Iowa UNI-Dome 23,729 / 23,729 $352,170
17 October 1982 Boulder, Colorado Folsom Field 60,000 / 60,000 $960,000
20 October 1982 Seattle Kingdome
21 October 1982 Portland, Oregon Memorial Coliseum
23 October 1982 Oakland, California Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum 60,300 / 60,300 $1,025,100
25 October 1982 Oakland, California Oakland Coliseum Arena 14,372 / 14,372 $244,324
27 October 1982 San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium 51,771 / 55,000 $776,565
29 October 1982 Los Angeles Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 83,000 / 83,000 $1,365,415
31 October 1982 Tempe, Arizona Sun Devil Stadium 44,132 / 65,000 $754,657
Second North American leg
27 November 1982 Orlando, Florida United States Orlando Stadium 65,000 / 65,000 $1,018,946
29 November 1982 Lexington, Kentucky Rupp Arena
30 November 1982 Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center 13,000 / 18,000 $254,000
1 December 1982 Biloxi, Mississippi Mississippi Coast Coliseum 15,000 / 15,000 $225,000
3 December 1982 Houston, Texas Astrodome 60,000 / 60,000 $1,050,000
4 December 1982 Dallas Cotton Bowl 66,611 / 80,000 $1,165,698
6 December 1982 St. Louis Checkerdome 12,564 / 19,000 $274,440
7 December 1982 Milwaukee MECCA Arena
8 December 1982 Rosemont, Illinois Rosemont Horizon 18,195 / 18,195 $267,750
10 December 1982 Syracuse, New York Carrier Dome 47,716 / 47,716 $711,375
11 December 1982 Worcester, Massachusetts The Centrum 12,907 / 12,907 $202,112
13 December 1982 Richfield, Ohio Richfield Coliseum
14 December 1982
16 December 1982 Toronto Canada Maple Leaf Gardens
17 December 1982

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