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The Why Why Family (French: Les Kikekoi and also known as Saban's The Why Why Family) is a French cartoon television series for children, which originally aired in 1996, written by Annabelle Perrichon and François-Emmanuel Porché and produced by Saban Entertainment and CinéGroupe. Later, in 1998, the show was broadcast in the United States by Fox. Character designs and comedy elements emulate vintage cartoons.


Prior to the intro, the baby Victor (off screen) summarizes what his family members will teach him in the episode.
There are 5 part-episodes in which he asks a popular scientific question, following an extensive answer by the family member with a particular expertise in the field of science involved in the question. Each of these part-episodes has its own short intro and The End sketches for the specific characters. Each sketch title is <(character name/s) in (episode title vis-a-vis topic)>.
Prior to the end credits, Max asks Victor "Well Victor, what did you learn today?" to which he starts with "Tons of neat stuff", summarizing what his family members taught him. Max answers, "Sounds like a real big day." and Victor concludes, "It was, but I still have plenty of questions left for next time."


  • Victor
    • A baby and the protagonist of the series. All the time he has questions (though these are smarter ones) to ask his family members like any other kid.
  • MaxTechnology and electronics
    • The young father of Victor and a stereotypical mechanic/handyman. He is Vanilla's husband, Eartha and Matik's son and Micro and Scopo's brother. He seems to be the closest to Victor compared to the others. Resembles his mother Eartha and is never seen without his cap.
  • Vanilla and birds Kwik and KwakBotany and zoology
    • Vanilla is Max's wife, Eartha and Matik's daughter-in-law, Micro and Scopo's sister-in-law, and Victor's mother who he resembles. Kwik and Kwak are running gags of their episodes and usually bicker.
  • Eartha (as her name suggests) and Basalt the dragon — Geography, geology and meteorology
    • Eartha is Matik's wife, Max, Micro and Scopo's mother, Vanilla's mother-in-law, and Victor's grandmother who occasionally loses her cool. Basalt is green with orange polka dots, has a British accent, can be greedy and transforms into different modes of transport. Eartha is also the one who cooks for their family.
  • Micro and ScopoBiology of the human body
    • Victor's uncles and Max's brothers who are running gags. Micro is stubby and wears a white cowboy hat (is sometimes seen without it), does most of the explanations in their episodes. Scopo is the larger and goofier of the brothers, sometimes being the test subject yet expresses his own knowledge. They both have what look like glasses/masks, and 'dog ears' like their father Matik.
  • Matik and dog ZygoAstronomy and the Universe
    • Matik is Victor's grandfather, Max, Micro and Scopo's father, and Eartha's husband who has 'dog ears' and is never seen without his pilot hat. Zygo sounds like Daffy Duck and has webbed limbs.


# Topic Character(s) Title
1 Camera Max Photo Opportunity
Illnesses Micro & Scopo Sick Leave
Solar system Zygo & Matik O Solar Mio
Volcanoes Earth & Basalt All You Need Is Lava
Zebras Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak A Horse Of A Different Color
2 Meteors Zygo & Matik Pleased To Meteor You
Car engine Max Idle Chatter
Bird wing Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Feather Knows Best
Shells Eartha & Basalt Shell Shock
DNA Micro & Scopo I Resemble Mama
3 Paresthesia Micro & Scopo Out On a Limb
Flowers Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Petal Pushers
Gravity Zygo & Matik He Ain’t Heavy, He’s An Astronaut
Rain Eartha & Basalt Stormy Weather
Barcodes Max Bars & Stripes Forever
4 Sneeze Micro & Scopo Sneezed To Meet You
Remote control Max Beam My Baby
Plants Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Green & Bear It
Thunder and lightning Eartha & Basalt Sound & The Whywhys
Stars Zygo & Matik Star Treatment
5 Spiders Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Web Sight
Fax machine Max Just The Fax
Sweat Micro & Scopo No Sweat
Galaxy Zygo & Matik For Me And My Galaxy
Currents Eartha & Basalt Current Event
6 Brain Micro & Scopo Brain Waives
Photocopier Max Copy Cats
Bees Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak To Hive And Hive Not
Ice Age Earth & Basalt A Tree Froze In Brooklyn
Mars Zygo & Matik Mars Attracts
7 Body covering Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Hair Today
Aeroplanes Max Plane Speaking
Solar eclipse Zygo & Matik Sun Blocked
Tides Eartha & Basalt Fit To Be Tide
Ear Micro & Scopo Hear And Now
8 Sunlight Zygo & Matik Light Entertainment
Telephone Max Dial-A Whywhy
Nose Micro & Scopo Common Scents
Mountains Eartha & Basalt Uphill All The Way
Coral Reefs Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Hail To The Reel
9 Lightning Eartha & Basalt A Bolt From The Blue
Birds Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Chirp Thrills
CDs Max Pit Stop
Space stations Zygo & Matik Station Break
Eye Micro & Scopo Oh Say Can You See
10 Wind Eartha & Basalt Breezy Does It
Refrigerator Max The Chill It All
Gravity Zygo & Matik Down To Earth
Food Micro & Scopo Surely You Ingest
Cats Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak You’ve Gotta Be Kitten
11 Mosquitoes Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak A Bite To Remember
Sand Eartha & Basalt True Grit
Stars Zygo & Matik Great Balls Of Fire
Elevators Max Ready Willing & Cable
Reflexes Micro & Scopo A Touchy Subject
12 Climates Eartha & Basalt Changing Climes
Leaves Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Free Falling
Television Max Turn On… Tune In
Comets Zygo & Matik Dust To Us
Digestion Micro & Scopo Eater's Digest
13 Ocean's bottom Eartha & Basalt Bottom Feeders
Snakes Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak No Skin Off My Back
Light bulb Max Lights Out!
Day and night Zygo & Matik Sunrise… Sunset
Breathing Micro & Scopo Air Apparent
14 Fog Eartha & Basalt Another Fine Mist
Helicopter Max The Big Cover Up
Bats Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Blind Leading The Blind
Cavities Micro & Scopo Nothing But The Tooth
Seasons Zygo & Matik Seasons Greetings
15 Coal and oil Eartha & Basalt No Fuel Like Old Fuel
Submarine Max Way Down Under
Cactus Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Cactus If You Can
Scabs Micro & Scopo A Cut Above
Satellites Zygo & Matik Global Swarming
16 Kangaroos Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak It’s In The Bag
Microwave oven Max Nuking It Out!
Fungi Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak A Fungus Among Us
Heart Micro & Scopo To Bleed Or Not To Bleed
Moon Zygo & Matik Craters And Cream Cheese
17 Snow Eartha & Basalt Snow Job
Solar power Max Sunday Punch
Marine life Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Victor And The Glow Fish
Fever Micro & Scopo Heat Treatment
Washing machine Max Wash You Were Here
18 Frogs Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak One Giant Leap For Frogkind
Glue Max Stick Around
Nests Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Branching Out
Dizziness Micro & Scopo Spin Doctors
Telescopes Zygo & Matik Scope It Out
19 Evaporation Eartha & Basalt That Thing You Dew
Batteries Max The Powers That Be
Pollination Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Blowin’ in the Wind
Hair Micro & Scopo Hair-Raising Experience
Black Holes Zygo & Matik Hole In One
20 Valleys Eartha & Basalt Ice Cycle
Light Max The Light Show
Earthquakes Eartha & Basalt Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On
Tears Micro & Scopo For Cryin’ Out Loud
Venus and Mercury Zygo & Matik Hot! Hot! Hot!
21 Ozone layer Eartha & Basalt There’s No Zone Like Ozone
Sleep Micro & Scopo Perchance to Dream
Cows Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak That Was Then, This Is Cow
Projector Max Lights, Camera, Action!
Speech Micro & Scopo O’ See Can You Say?
22 Deserts Eartha & Basalt How Dry I Am!
Jupiter Zygo & Matik Big
Butterflies Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Ch Ch Ch Changes
Water purification Max Go With the Flow
Asteroid belts Zygo & Matik It’s A Material Whirl
23 Rocks Eartha & Basalt Goldirocks
Growing up Micro & Scopo Home Grown
Roots Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak From the Ground… Up
Water Eartha & Basalt Water Water Everywhere
Space Travel Zygo & Matik One Giant Leap For Why Whys
24 Rivers Eartha & Basalt It’s All Downhill From Here
Locks Max A Turn-Key Operation
Habitat Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Sleeping In
Headaches Micro & Scopo Your Loss is Migraine
Planets rotate/revolve Zygo & Matik Moon Trek
25 Storms Eartha & Basalt Sooo Cool
Planets Zygo & Matik The Outer Planets
Dams Max Hold That Thought!
Brain Micro & Scopo Chuckleheads
Astrological symbols Zygo & Matik What’s Your Sign?
26 Light Eartha & Basalt The Light Show
Lenses Max Thru the Looking Glass
Reptiles Vanilla, Kwik & Kwak Snakes Alive!
Muscles Micro & Scopo Only the Strong Survive
Asteroids Zygo & Matik It Came from Outer Space



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