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The Wicked Tinkers are an American Celtic music group who perform at many Scottish/Irish festivals.


The group was formed in 1995 when piper Aaron Shaw met bass drum player Warren Casey and percussionist John MacAdams at The Celtic Arts Center in Los Angeles, California.[1]

The band has evolved over the years. Keith Jones joined the band in 2000, playing snare drum and hand percussion. In 2009, CJ Henderson replaced Jay Atwood on didgeridoo and bronze-age Irish horn. Founding Member Warren Casey retired from the band in 2013, with the Reverend Dr. Tiki King taking his place.

Their notable appearances include The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, during which, host Craig Ferguson accompanied them on a drum. Mixed martial arts fighter Keith Jardine has used their song "Bog" as entrance music in several UFC events. The band also appears in season 4 of the Cable TV show "Arrested Development"

Current members[edit]


Members of the Celtic group Bad Haggis joined the Wicked Tinkers for performances at the 2005 and 2006 Seaside Games in Ventura, California.



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