The Widow Jones

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The Widow Jones
May Irwin in The Widow Jones.jpg
Music John J. McNally
Lyrics John J. McNally
Book John J. McNally
Productions 1895 Broadway
1901 Broadway

The Widow Jones was an 1895 New York City stage musical comedy. Thomas Edison hired the play's stars, May Irwin and John Rice, to recreate the kiss seen in act 1 of the play for the 1896 short film, The Kiss, made in Edison's Kinetoscope process.


  • "His Legs Are Assorted Sizes" (music by Geo. H. Wilder, lyrics by Lawrence J. Sheehan)
  • "I Love My Honey Yes I Do" (music and lyrics by Will C. Carleton)[1]
  • "The New Bully" (music and lyrics by Joseph E. Howard)[2]


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