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The Wild Bunch were a sound system and loose collective of musicians and DJs based in the St Paul's Montpellier and Bishopston districts of Bristol, England. They performed from 1983 to 1989,[1] and were renowned for playing sets that drew large crowds from the club scene and had performed shows as far away as London. They performed in soundclashes against other Bristol sound systems. The Wild Bunch's sound incorporated a wide and disparate variety of musical styles – an unusual thing at the time. Their shows included elements of punk, R&B and reggae, with a focus on slower rhythms and ambient electronic atmospheres that would become a cornerstone of the Bristol sound, more popularly known as trip hop. They were a key member of what became the Bristol underground scene.[2][3]

Their discography includes 'Fucking Me Up' in 1983 and 'Tearing Down the Neighbourhood' in 1985.[4]

The Wild Bunch is perhaps best known for having been the first group of several notable British DJs and performers:

Other members included:

  • Claude Williams, a.k.a. Willy Wee
  • Milo Johnson, a.k.a. DJ Milo, who left to work in Japan[7]


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