The Wildwoods

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Wildwoods sign on boardwalk in Wildwood.

The Wildwoods are a group of five municipalities in Cape May County, New Jersey, all of which are situated on the Island of Five Mile Beach, a barrier island facing the Atlantic Ocean. These Jersey Shore communities have relatively small year-round populations and swell significantly during the summer with vacationers.

Wildwoods Communities

While each community has its own independent government, and the five municipalities have no shared governance (other than Cape May County), the term is often used to refer collectively to the area.

The five communities (from south to north) are:

Wildwoods Shore Resort Historic District[edit]

Doo-wop styled Wawa Food Market.

The Wildwoods is home to over 200 motels, built during the Doo-Wop era of the 1950s and 1960s,[1] in an area recognized by the state of New Jersey, known as the Wildwoods Shore Resort Historic District.[2] The term doo-wop was coined by Cape May's Mid-Atlantic Center For The Arts in the early 1990s to describe the unique, space-age architectural style, which is also referred to as the Googie or populuxe style.[3]

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