The Willows, Saskatoon

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The Willows
The Willows skyline
The Willows skyline
Coordinates: 52°4′39″N 106°39′30″W / 52.07750°N 106.65833°W / 52.07750; -106.65833Coordinates: 52°4′39″N 106°39′30″W / 52.07750°N 106.65833°W / 52.07750; -106.65833
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
City Saskatoon
Suburban Development Area Nutana
Residential Neighbourhood The Willows
Annexed 2003[1]
Construction 2004
GovernmentNeighbourhood Association
 • Type Municipal Ward
Time zone UTC (UTC-6)
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The Willows Residential Community and Golf Club, is a residential community in the Nutana Suburban Development Area in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The Willows is south of Circle Drive which is concurrent with Saskatchewan Highway 16. Its northern boundary is the CN Rail line and the former Cartwright Street right-of-way (the street was subsequently rerouted through the community as part of its development); to the east is Clarence Avenue and to the west is Lorne Avenue. The 36-hole Willows Golf & Country Club winds its way around the subdivision which when construction of homes began in 2004 became the city's first golf course community.[2] Home construction began almost immediately after the land for the subdivision and the golf course was annexed from the rural municipality of Corman Park No. 344, Saskatchewan.[3] The golf course, however, had been in operation for more than a decade before residential development began. According to MLS data, the average sale price of a home as of 2013 was $824,493.[4]

Willows entrance

Live Where You Play
Willow Glen
Customized estate style residences with walkout basements. Maintenance free living in a secure gated community.

— From image Willow Glen Willow Glen


Access to The Willows is via Cartwright Street from Lorne or Clarence avenues. An overpass over the CN rail line was built on Clarence in the mid-2000s to facilitate access, and access to the area was further enhanced with the construction of the Clarence Avenue and Circle Drive interchange which was completed in 2007.[5]

Government and politics[edit]

The Willows exists within the federal electoral district of Blackstrap. It is currently represented by Lynne Yelich.[6]

Provincially, the area is within the constituency of Saskatoon Southeast. It is currently represented by the Honourable Don Morgan.[7][8]

In Saskatoon's non-partisan municipal politics, The Willows lies within ward 7. It is currently represented by Bob Pringle.[9] Due to population rise since the 2006 census, the city wards are being remapped.

She's asking the province to allow Saskatoon to use other population estimates in drawing ward boundaries to capture residential development thats happened since 2006, particularly in Stonebridge, the Willows, and Hampton Village.

— Janice Mann City clerk, and municipal wards commission.[10]


The Willows

The roads are laid out in a court system styling. As of April 2008 only Cartwright Street and Cartwright Terrace had been assigned names. Future plans for the community show a further residential development on the west side of the golf course, accessed only from Lorne Avenue.[11]


The nearest shopping to The Willows is the Stonegate Shopping Centre with Wal-Mart as an anchor to the north east of The Willows subdivision. Additional shopping areas have developed around Stonegate since its construction in 2007-2008.

Recreation facilities[edit]

The Willows

The golf course itself is the major recreation facility in The Willows, though it is also close to the Saskatoon Golf and Country Club to the northwest.

Adjacent to The Willows' northwest boundary is a small triangle of land that has not, as of 2010, been annexed into the city of Saskatoon and remains part of the Corman Park municipality. The Schroh Arena is located on this land located off Lorne Avenue south of Cartwright Street. A convention and banquet facility, the German Canadian Club Concordia, was located next door to the arena at the corner of Cartwright and Lorne until it was destroyed in a fire in 2009; it has since been rebuilt. The Saskatoon Exhibition Grounds, Western Development Museum, Marquis Downs race track and Diefenbaker Park are to the northwest via Lorne Avenue.

The Willows is also the closest Saskatoon community to the Dakota Dunes Casino a few miles south of Saskatoon on Lorne Avenue.


The community's layout does not allow for the construction of schools. As of 2010 the nearest schools are located in Avalon and Adelaide/Churchill, some distance to the north, although schools are expected to eventually be constructed in Stonebridge just to the northeast of The Willows.


The Willows Residential Community and Golf Club

Coordinates: 52°4'39"N 106°39'30"W[12]


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