The Willowz

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The Willowz
Origin Anaheim, California
Genres Garage rock
Years active 2002–Present
Labels Wanker Records, Posh Boy Records, Artmonkey Records, Dionysus Records, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Acid Bird Records, LeGrand Bag Records, Dim Mak Records
Associated acts Scarling., Paul Kostabi, Stuart Sikes, Michel Gondry, Valerie Pirson, Will Robertson, Owen Levelle, Shoko Komori, Ivan Abel, Christi Bertelsen, Yota Bertrang, Paul Barman, Steve Aoki
Members Richie James Follin (lead vocals, guitar)
Aric Bohn (guitar, vocals)
Jessica Reynoza (bass, vocals)
Loren (Ted) Humphrey (drums)
Alex Nowicki (drums)

The Willowz are a garage rock band based in Anaheim, California, formed 2002. The band's sound incorporates influences from punk, soul, and blues from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The band has released several albums on the label Sympathy for the Record Industry and has done a split single with the band Scarling. Their two latest albums Chautauqua and Everyone produced by Paul Kostabi and Stuart Sikes were released on Dim Mak Records.

The Willowz received national exposure (in the United States) as a finalist in December 2005's Who's Next. They lost to BarlowGirl.

The band collaborated with director Michel Gondry on their music video "I Wonder" and in turn produced two songs on the movie soundtrack for Gondry's film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Two of their songs, "Making Certain" and "Ulcer Soul" were used in the 2006 film The Science of Sleep. In 2007 Michel Gondry's son Paul directed the music video for "Take A Look Around" collaborating with artists Valerie Pirson, Will Robertson, Owen Levelle, Shoko Komori, Ivan Abel, Christi Bertelsen, Yota Bertrang and Paul Barman.

The song called "Cons & Tricks" also appeared on the MTV show "Jersey Shore", episode 7 (Ron and Sam).

The song called "Repetition" appeared in a Mountain Dew commercial in 2014.

Band members[edit]


  • The Willowz (5"MCD on Wanker Records, Germany 2002)
  • The Willowz (2003)(7" That Willowz Feelin' b/w Think Again) Posh Boy Records
  • Willowz With A Z (2003) Artmonkey Records
  • The Willowz (2004) Dionysus Records
  • The Willowz Are Coming (2005) Sympathy for the Record Industry
  • "Scarling" (split 7", Sympathy for the Record Industry (2005)
  • Talk In Circles (2005) Sympathy for the Record Industry
  • "Equation No. 6" b/w "Questionnaire" (2005) Acid Bird Records 7"
  • Chautauqua (2007) Dim Mak Records
  • Unveil (2007) LeGrand Bag Records
  • Everyone (2009) Dim Mak Records


  • The Willowz at Grrrnd Zero (France, Lyon 2008)

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