The Wind Is Strong...

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The Wind Is Strong...
Studio album by Cindytalk
Released 1990
Label Midnight Music
Cindytalk chronology
In This World
The Wind Is Strong...
Secrets And Falling

The Wind Is Strong... is the 1990 album from Cindytalk released by Midnight Music. From the sleeve notes: 'A Cindytalk diversion: Originally recorded as a soundtrack for the film "Eclipse".' Eclipse has never been officially released. It was directed by Ivan Unwin, a U.K.-based film-maker who had previously collaborated with Cindytalk on several short films.

Sparse ambient soundscape with occasional piano chords & natural sounds (birds, wind, running water, looped church bells, echoed piano, etc.).

Track listing CD[edit]

  1. Landing
  2. Firstsight
  3. To the Room
  4. Waiting
  5. Through Flowers
  6. Secondsight
  7. Through the Forest
  8. Arrival
  9. Is There a Room for Hire
  10. Choked I
  11. Choked II
  12. Dream Ritual
  13. Fuck You Mrs. Grimace
  14. On Snowmoor
  15. Angel Wings

Contributors: Gordon Sharp
Ivan Unwin
Matthew Kinnison
Paul Middleton


  • LP 1990 Midnight Music, Cat# CHIME CHIME 01.03 S
  • CD 1990 Midnight Music, Cat# CHIME 01.03 CD