The Windsor Regiment (RCAC)

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The Windsor Regiment
Windsor R Badge.jpg
The badge of The Windsor Regiment (RCAC)
BranchPrimary Reserve
TypeArmoured reconnaissance
RoleArmoured warfare
SizeOne regiment
Part ofRoyal Canadian Armoured Corps
Garrison/HQWindsor, Ontario
Motto(s)Latin: Semper paratus ("Always Prepared")
March"My Boy Willie"
Anniversaries15 December 1936
Battle honoursAfghanistan
Commanding OfficerLCol Chris Quinlan
Regimental Sergeant MajorCWO Jamie Micallef
Honorary ColonelAllan Halfper (Col Rtd)
PatronMr Don Hearn Snr
AbbreviationWINDSOR R

The Windsor Regiment (RCAC) is a Primary Reserve armoured regiment of the Canadian Army, based in Windsor, Ontario and is part of the 4th Canadian Division's 31 Canadian Brigade Group.


The Windsor Regiment (RCAC) originated in Windsor, Ontario on 15 December 1936 as The Essex Regiment (Tank). It was redesignated as the 30th (Reserve) Reconnaissance Battalion (Essex Regiment) on 27 January 1942; as the 30th (Reserve) Reconnaissance Regiment (Essex Regiment), CAC on 8 June 1942; as the 30th (Reserve) Reconnaissance Regiment (Essex Regiment), RCAC on 2 August 1945; as the 22nd Reconnaissance Regiment (Essex Regiment), RCAC on 1 April 1946; as The Windsor Regiment (22nd Reconnaissance Regiment) on 4 February 1949; as The Windsor Regiment (22nd Armoured Regiment) on 1 October 1954; as The Windsor Regiment (RCAC) on 19 May 1958; as The Windsor Regiment on 19 September 1985. On 14 August 1997 the regiment reverted to its previous designation as The Windsor Regiment (RCAC).[1]

Operational history[edit]

The Second World War[edit]

The camp flag of The Windsor Regiment (RCAC).

Details from the regiment were called out on active service for local protection duties on 28 May 1940 as The Essex Regiment (Tank), CASF (Details). The regiment subsequently mobilized an armour regiment designated the 30th Reconnaissance Battalion (The Essex Regiment), CAC, CASF for active service on 12 May 1942. It was redesignated the 30th Reconnaissance Regiment (The Essex Regiment), CAC, CASF on 8 June 1942. It served in Canada in a home defence and training role as part of Military District No. 12. On 23 July 1943 it embarked for Britain where its soldiers were employed as assembly workers for unassembled vehicles arriving from Canada. The regiment was subsequently disbanded on 31 March 1944.[2]

Battle honours[edit]

The guidon of The Windsor Regiment (RCAC).

The Windsor Regiment (RCAC) was awarded its first battle honour on 9 May 2014, when it was announced that the regiment would receive the theatre honour AFGHANISTAN.[3]



  • Black Beret: A History of the Windsor Regiment (RCAC), 1936-2006 by Michael R. McNorgan (Jan 2006)

Order of precedence[edit]

Preceded by
Le Régiment de Hull (RCAC)
The Windsor Regiment (RCAC) Succeeded by
Last in precedence of armoured regiments


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