The Wingless Victory

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Written by Maxwell Anderson
Date premiered December 23, 1936
Place premiered Empire Theatre
New York City
Original language English
Genre Drama
Setting living room of house in Salem, Massachusetts, cabin on the ship Wingless Victory

The Wingless Victory was a 1936 Broadway three-act drama written by Maxwell Anderson, produced by Katharine Cornell and staged by Guthrie McClintic. Jo Mielziner created the scenic and costume design. It ran for 110 performances from December 23, 1936 to March 1937 at the Empire Theatre. It was set in the year 1800.


  • Katharine Cornell as Oparre
  • Walter Abel as Nathaniel McQueston
  • Effie Shannon as Mrs. McQueston
  • Kent Smith as Reverend Phineas McQueston
  • Myron McCormick as Ruel McQueston
  • Barry Kelley as Happy Penny
  • Arthur Chatterton as Jared Mungo
  • Victor Colton as Van Zandt
  • Franklyn Davis as longshoreman
  • Claire Howard as Durian
  • Lois Jameson as Venture
  • Ruth Matteson as Faith Ingalls
  • Mary Michael as a girl
  • Theodora Pleadwell as Letty
  • John Winthrop as Winston Urquhart and Harry
  • Helen Zelinskaya as Toala


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