The Wings of Merlin

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The Wings of Merlin
Wings of Merlin.jpg
First edition cover
Author Thomas A. Barron
Country U.S.A.
Language English
Series The Lost Years of Merlin
Genre Fantasy
Publisher Penguin Group USA
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 352 pp (hardcover edition)
ISBN 0-399-23456-X
OCLC 44128693
LC Class PZ7.B27567 Wi 2000
Preceded by The Mirror of Merlin

The Wings of Merlin is a children's fantasy novel by T.A. Barron. It is the fifth book in the Lost Years of Merlin epic about the legendary wizard Merlin's youth. It was published by Philomel in 2000, and republished by Puffin Books in 2011 under the title A Wizard's Wings.

Though the character Merlin is world famous as an ancient wizard, this story of his lost youth is original to the author. In this series Merlin searches for his true identity while overcoming perilous odds. One can watch Merlin as he learns to use his powers for good and discovers his strengths and weaknesses. Merlin is also given the task of ending evil in the land and finds out secrets of his past that change his life.

Plot summary[edit]

As winter's long night approaches, Merlin is met with his most difficult challenge - unifying all of Fincayra against an evil invasion by Rhita Gawr. With time exceedingly short, how can one young man possibly bring them all - dwarves, canyon eagles, walking trees, and more - together? Added to this already huge task is the appearance of the mysterious slayer, who has been hunting down the children of Fincayra.

As he struggles to unite the Fincayrans and save the children, Merlin must also find the secret of the long lost wings that will enable him - and his people - to choose their true destiny.