The Wings of the Kirin

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The Wings of the Kirin
The Wings of the Kirin film poster.jpg
Film poster advertising this film in Japan
Directed by Nobuhiro Doi
Based on The Wings of the Kirin
by Keigo Higashino[1]
Starring Hiroshi Abe
Yui Aragaki
Junpei Mizobata
Rena Tanaka
Kiichi Nakai
Music by Yugo Kanno
Release date
  • January 28, 2012 (2012-01-28) (Japan)
Running time
129 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Box office $19,773,978[2]

The Wings of the Kirin (麒麟の翼 〜劇場版・新参者〜, Kirin no Tsubasa: Gekijōban Shinzanmono) is a 2012 Japanese film directed by Nobuhiro Doi.[3][4]


A man's body is found under the statue of a winged kirin in the Nihombashi area of Tokyo. A suspect named Yashima has a car accident and falls unconscious while he is attempting to run away. Yashima's lover Kaori comes from Fukushima and tells detectives that he is absolutely not a criminal. Meanwhile, Detective Kyoichiro Kaga's (Hiroshi Abe) investigates and uncovers a point of contact between the dead body and Yashima. A hidden fact of the victim is revealed which even his children did not know about...


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