The Wink (Seinfeld)

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"The Wink"
Seinfeld episode
Episode no.Season 7
Episode 4
Directed byAndy Ackerman
Written byTom Gammill & Max Pross
Production code704
Original air dateOctober 12, 1995
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Maestro"
Next →
"The Hot Tub"
Seinfeld (season 7)
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"The Wink" is the 114th episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the fourth episode in the seventh season. It first aired on October 12, 1995.


Jerry has recently become very health-conscious; at Monk's Café, he orders a veggie sandwich and a grapefruit for breakfast. A piece of pulp from the grapefruit is accidentally squirted into George's eye, causing him to wink involuntarily. This causes problems when Mr. Wilhelm inquires of a coworker, Mr. Morgan (Tom Wright), who has been late several times recently. George assures him that Morgan is not causing any trouble, but his winking makes Wilhelm skeptical. Jerry dates Elaine's cousin, Holly (Stacey Travis), who invites him to a steakhouse for lunch. To stay healthy, Jerry orders no meat, but rather just a salad, which he later feels embarrassed about. Elaine starts dating her wake-up service caller, James, (Brian McNamara) but becomes anxious when she finds out that he owns two dogs. After a situation with a noisy dog in The Engagement, Elaine fears that James' dogs will not like her. Both she and Jerry are invited to Holly's house for dinner, where she serves mutton. Jerry sees this as an opportunity to improve his relationship, so he acts excited about the meat, but to avoid eating it, he spits it out into the cloth napkins and hides them in his jacket. Elaine has to leave early, so she borrows the jacket and gets chased by dogs who smell the mutton in the pockets.

Meanwhile, Kramer finds a giant birthday card that George is preparing for Mr. Steinbrenner. Since all the New York Yankees are signing the card as well, Kramer asks George if he can sell the card to a sports memorabilia store. George refuses, but his wink is misinterpreted yet again, and Kramer sells the card anyway for 200 dollars. Mr. Morgan asks George for the card so he can sign it, but obviously it is nowhere to be found. During the conversation, George recommends James' wake-up service to Morgan so he will be on time for work.

Holly discovers that two of her napkins are missing, and since they were specially made by her grandmother, she blames Elaine for taking them. Elaine outruns the dogs who are chasing her, and finds refuge at James' apartment, where she spends the night. Since there is only one bed, she and James sleep "head-to-toe" style to avoid any "funny business."

George asks Kramer for the birthday card so Morgan can sign it, but Kramer admits that he sold it because of George's wink. George demands that he get the card back, but the sports store owner has already sold it to someone whose son (Thomas Dekker) is in the hospital. Kramer visits the boy, named Bobby, to negotiate for the card. Bobby promises to return the card if Kramer can get the New York Yankees' Paul O'Neill to hit two home runs in the following game. Both Kramer and Bobby watch the game on television the next day, in which Paul O'Neill hits one home run in the first inning. In the eighth inning, he hits an inside-the-park home run, which would count as the second homer in the deal, but the hit is ruled as a triple due to a fielding error. Kramer and Bobby start to fight over the card, but Kramer gets it after promising that O'Neill will catch a ball in his hat the next day.

While sleeping over, Elaine constantly kicks James in his sleep, so he oversleeps and neglects to call any of his customers, one of them being Mr. Morgan, who is late to work again. Mr. Wilhelm decides to fire Morgan and recommend George for his position, much to George's dismay, as the new job requires longer hours. Before being fired, Morgan still wants to sign Steinbrenner's birthday card. Kramer arrives just in time to give the card back to George, but since it was mounted under glass by Bobby's father, it can no longer be signed, frustrating Morgan even further.

Elaine leaves Jerry's jacket at James' apartment, so his dogs rip it up to find the mutton in the pockets. James returns the jacket while Holly is at Jerry's, so she discovers that he was hiding both the mutton and the napkins, which James turned into bandanas for his dogs. In the credits, Mr. Steinbrenner congratulates George for his work on the birthday card. George tries to talk him out of firing Mr. Morgan, but his efforts are useless and he receives the promotion.


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