The Witches of Breastwick

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The Witches of Breastwick
Directed by Jim Wynorski
Written by Jim Wynorski
Release date
Country USA
Language English

The Witches of Breastwick is a 2005 erotic parody film from director Jim Wynorski.

The making of the movie was the subject of the documentary, Popatopolis.[1]


A married couple get involved with three witches.


  • Joe Souza as David Carter
  • Monique Parent as Tiffany Carter
  • John Henry Richardson as Dr. Richards
  • Jodie Moore as Doctor's Assistant
  • Glori-Anne Gilbert as Rebecca
  • Stormy Daniels as Felicia
  • Julie K. Smith as Lola
  • Taimie Hannum as Holly
  • Antonia Dorian as LaCaCanya


The movie resulted in a sequel, The Witches of Breastwick 2 (2005).


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