The Wonder of It All (2007 film)

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The Wonder of it All
Directed by Jeffrey Roth
Produced by Paul Basta
Gregory Schwartz
Written by Jeffrey Roth
Paul M. Basta
Gregory Schwartz
Starring Buzz Aldrin
Alan Bean
Edgar Mitchell
John Young
Charlie Duke
Gene Cernan
Harrison Schmitt
Narrated by Steve Evans
Music by Scott Starrett
Cinematography Paul M. Basta
Edited by Andy Zall
David DeMore
Jeffrey Roth Productions
Distributed by Indican Pictures
Running time
82 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Wonder of It All is a 2007 documentary directed by Jeffrey Roth and distributed by Indican Pictures.[1]

The film is composed of first-person interviews with seven of the 12 Apollo astronauts who walked on the moon (Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean, Edgar Mitchell, John Young, Charlie Duke, Eugene Cernan, and Harrison Schmitt). The astronauts explain their backgrounds, their moon missions, and how walking on the moon changed their lives.


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