The Wonderful Story (1922 film)

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The Wonderful Story
Directed by Graham Cutts
Produced by Herbert Wilcox
Written by Patrick L. Mannock
Based on Novel by I.A.R. Wylie
Starring Lillian Hall-Davis
Herbert Langley
Olaf Hytten
Graham-Wilcox Productions
Distributed by Astra-National
Release date
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £1,400[1]

The Wonderful Story is a 1922 British drama film directed by Graham Cutts and starring Lillian Hall-Davis, Herbert Langley and Olaf Hytten.[2]

It was based on the novel The Wonderful Story by I. A. R. Wylie.


The fiancée of a farmer falls in love with his brother.


Herbert Wilcox had a lot of success distributing a British film, A Peep Behind the Scenes (1919) and decided to produce a British film himself. He raised £1,400 and picked The Wonderful Story because he believed as it was homely and had few characters it would be suited for the cinema.[3] The film was made on budget of £1,400 and Wilcox sold the rights to it for £4,000. Despite being acclaimed by the critics it was considered a failure at the box office.[4]



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