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The Wonderful World of Stu is a politically libertarian sketch comedy American television program on TheBlaze, created and hosted by Steve "Stu" Burguiere. Currently in its second season, the show airs at 10:00pm on Saturday nights.

Through sketches and parodies, Stu focuses on issues important to American conservatives and libertarians, while combatting progressives and socialists. Of particular interest to Stu, every episode includes at least one reference to New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and his health regulations, particularly the 2012 soda limit. For example, one episode Stu ended by sipping a Big Gulp, raising the cup as if to toast, and said: "Screw you, Michael Bloomberg!"

Recurring segments[edit]

Stu impersonating Carney at a White House Press Briefing on The Wonderful World of Stu.
  • Great Moments in Progressive History: Narrated by Stu, this segment supports a progressive cause and hyperbolizes its effects on history and society.
  • Stu-tistics: Stu uses statistics and data provided by the federal government or an organization to debunk an on-going cause being championed by progressives and Democrats.
  • White House Press Briefing: Stu portrays White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and answers questions posed by the White House press corps. The questions come from video clips of real questions from the actual White House correspondents. The segment is fictitiously aired on STU-SPAN, a clear parody of C-SPAN.
  • Letters to Woodrow...In Hell: Stu portrays Woodrow Wilson, the former President of the United States and current "President of hell", and reads letters from those seeking his advice on a variety of matters. The advice given by Woodrow Wilson illustrates how evil a person he was during his life on earth. The set used is the Oval Office set used for Glenn Beck's television program.

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