The Woodpecker Song

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1940 sheet music cover featuring Glenn Miller. Robbins Music, New York.
1940 RCA Bluebird 78 single release by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra, B-10598-A.

"The Woodpecker Song" (Reginella Campagnola) is an originally Italian song. The music was written by Eldo Di Lazzaro in 1939, while the Italian lyrics were written by Bruno Cherubini[1] (pseudonym "C. Bruno"). The English lyrics were written by Harold Adamson. The song became a hit in 1940, recorded by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra,[2] The Andrews Sisters, and Kate Smith in 1940.

The Glenn Miller recording on RCA Bluebird featuring Marion Hutton on vocals reached #1 on the Billboard charts in 1940.[3]

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The song is not The Woody Woodpecker Song composed later in the 1940s by George Tibbles and Ramey Idriess and used in the Woody Woodpecker cartoon series.


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