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The Woolf Institute is an academic institute in Cambridge, England, dedicated to the study of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims.[1] The aim of the Woolf Institute is to use research and education to explore the relationship between religion and society and reduce intolerance. The Woolf Institute is named in honour of Lord Harry Woolf and was founded by Dr Edward Kessler MBE.

The Woolf Institute is based in the Margaret Beaufort Institute and is a member of the Cambridge Theological Federation which brings together eleven institutions through which people of different churches, including Anglican, Methodist, Orthodox, Reformed and Roman Catholic, train for various forms of Christian ministry and service [2]

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The Woolf Institute currently works together with the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust and the Cambridge Overseas Trust to offer the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship, a PhD scholarship for the study of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims.[3] The Woolf Institute also contributes to the newly reconstituted MPhil in Middle East Studies at the University of Cambridge [4][5]

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