The Word Is Live

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The Word is Live
Box set by Yes
Released 23 August 2005
Recorded 12 March 1970–19 February 1988
Genre Progressive rock
Length 3:49:40
Label Rhino
Producer Steve Woolard
Yes chronology
Songs from Tsongas
The Word is Live
Essentially Yes
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic2.5/5 stars[1]

The Word is Live is a box set by the English progressive rock band Yes, released in August 2005 by Rhino Records. A triple album, the set is compiled of live recordings from radio broadcasts and concert tours between 1970 and 1988, mostly from guitarist Steve Howe's tape collection.


Many of the tracks were originally broadcast on radio shows and have been bootlegged extensively. In these, it is often the case that the radio show's final mix was the only mix available so few improvements in quality could be done for the release. While a few of the recordings (mostly those from the 1980 tour) do feature a less-than-polished quality to them, The Word is Live is still considered a fine document of Yes in a concert setting.

The box set also comes with a 52-page book containing images and stories by Yes fans and praising retroperspectives from artists such as John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Geddy Lee of Rush. The opening for the book was written by Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

The set includes several pieces not originally released as studio recordings by Yes, including "It's Love", an extended cover of a song by The Young Rascals, and "Go Through This" and "We Can Fly From Here" from the tour to support Drama, but which were not released on that album. The latter would eventually be reworked and released thirty-one years later in the album Fly from Here.

The title is a pun on the lyric, "(and) the word is love", from their song "Time and a Word".

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

  1. "Then" (Jon Anderson) – 5:25
  2. "For Everyone" (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire) – 4:44
    • Tracks 1 – 2: BBC, 1970
  3. "Astral Traveller" (Jon Anderson) – 7:24
  4. "Everydays" (Stephen Stills) – 11:01
  5. "Yours Is No Disgrace" (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Steve Howe/Tony Kaye/Bill Bruford) – 11:45
  6. "I've Seen All Good People" – 7:52
    1. "Your Move" (Jon Anderson)
    2. "All Good People" (Chris Squire)
  7. "America" (Paul Simon) – 16:21
  8. "It's Love" (Felix Cavaliere/Eddie Brigati) – 11:07

Disc two[edit]

  1. "Apocalypse" (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Steve Howe/Bill Bruford) – 3:08
  2. "Siberian Khatru" (Jon Anderson; Themes by Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Rick Wakeman) – 10:10
  3. "Sound Chaser" (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Steve Howe/Patrick Moraz/Alan White) – 11:17
  4. "Sweet Dreams" (Jon Anderson/David Foster) – 6:22
    • Track 4: London, 1975
  5. "Future Times/Rejoice" (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Steve Howe/Rick Wakeman/Alan White)/ "Rejoice" (Jon Anderson) – 6:59
  6. "Circus of Heaven" (Jon Anderson) – 4:52
  7. "The Big Medley" (Jon Anderson/David Foster/Chris Squire)– 25:53
    1. "Time and a Word"
    2. "Long Distance Runaround"
    3. "Survival"
    4. "The Fish"
    5. "Perpetual Change"
    6. "Soon"
  8. "Hello Chicago" (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Steve Howe/Rick Wakeman/Alan White) – 2:11
  9. "Roundabout" (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe) – 8:42

Disc three[edit]

  1. "Heart of the Sunrise" (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Bill Bruford) – 10:56
    • Track 1: Oakland, 1978
  2. "Awaken" (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe) – 17:53
    • Track 2: Chicago, 1979
  3. "Go Through This" (Steve Howe) – 4:21
  4. "We Can Fly from Here" (Geoff Downes/Trevor Horn) – 6:46
  5. "Tempus Fugit" (Geoff Downes/Trevor Horn/Steve Howe/Chris Squire/Alan White) – 5:53
  6. "Rhythm of Love" (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Trevor Rabin/Tony Kaye) – 6:42
  7. "Hold On" (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Trevor Rabin) – 7:24
  8. "Shoot High, Aim Low" (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Trevor Rabin/Tony Kaye/Alan White) – 8:27
  9. "Make It Easy/Owner of a Lonely Heart" (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Trevor Rabin/Trevor Horn) – 6:09


Chart position[edit]

The Word Is Live (Rhino R2 78234) failed to chart in the UK or US.


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