The Workhorse Chronicles

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The Workhorse Chronicles
Mastodon The Workhorse Chronicles.jpg
Video by Mastodon
Released February 21, 2006
Recorded 2000-2005
Genre Sludge metal, progressive metal
Length approx. 3 hours
Label Relapse
Director Denise Korycki
Producer Denise Korycki
Mastodon chronology
Call of the Mastodon
The Workhorse Chronicles

"The Workhorse Chronicles" is a DVD release by American progressive metal band Mastodon released on February 21, 2006 through Relapse Records and marks the band's final release through the company, before signing up to Warner Bros. Records.

The DVD is divided into 3 sections. The first is a documentary that traces the process of band's formation and also provides information about previous bands of individual members.

The second section consists of live performances recorded from year 2000 to 2005 including rare footage of the band in their initial form as a five-piece through to sold-out clubs worldwide. There are 28 recorded live performances in total.

The third section is a selection of music videos. It features the band's first 3 music videos: "March Of The Fire Ants", "Blood and Thunder", and "Iron Tusk". The video for "Seabeast" is not included on this release, even though it had been made at the time; the DVD went into pressing before it could to be included. The DVD was originally going to contain alternate videos for some songs (including "Battle At Sea" and "Seabeast") that focused entirely upon drummer Brann Dailor. However, for some unknown reason these "Drum-cam" videos were not included on the DVD.

Tracks 7-10 appears on their compilation album, Call of the Mastodon

Tracks 11-15 on their EP Lifesblood and "Call of the Mastodon"

Tracks 16-25 on their debut album, Remission

Tracks 26-33 on their second album, Leviathan

Track listing[edit]

The Evolution of Mastodon[edit]

  1. Introduction to Mastodon
  2. Profiling Mastodon
  3. Pre-Mastodon
  4. Formation of Mastodon
  5. Mastodon Environment
  6. Roar of Mastodon

Live performances[edit]

  1. Deep Sea Creature (May 2000, Tallahassee, FL)
  2. Slick Leg (May 2000, Tallahassee, FL)
  3. Thank You For This (2002, Atlanta, GA)
  4. Call Of The Mastodon (May 2000, Tallahassee, FL)
  5. Shadows That Move (Summer 2002, Baltimore, MD)
  6. Battle At Sea (Summer 2002, Baltimore, MD)
  7. Hail To Fire (April 2005, Los Angeles, CA)
  8. We Built This Come Death (2002, Atlanta GA)
  9. Welcoming War (Summer 2002, Baltimore, MD)
  10. Burning Man (2002, Atlanta GA)
  11. Crusher Destroyer (May 2005, Atlanta, GA)
  12. March Of The Fire Ants (April 2005, Los Angeles, CA)
  13. Mother Puncher (Summer 2005, With Full Force Festival, Germany)
  14. Ol’e Nessie (2002, Atlanta, GA)
  15. Trainwreck (January 2001, Atlanta, GA)
  16. Trampled Under Hoof (2002, Atlanta, GA)
  17. Trilobite (May 2003, Memphis, TN)
  18. Where Strides The Behemoth (September 2005, Atlanta, GA)
  19. Workhorse (2004, Hellfest)
  20. Megalodon (May 2005, Atlanta, GA)
  21. Aqua Dementia (Summer 2005, Denver, CO)
  22. Blood & Thunder (September 2005, Atlanta, GA)
  23. Hearts Alive (April 2005, Los Angeles, CA)
  24. I Am Ahab (September 2005, Atlanta, GA)
  25. Iron Tusk (May 2005, Atlanta, GA)
  26. Ísland (September 2005, Atlanta, GA)
  27. Naked Burn (February 2004, Philadelphia, PA)
  28. Seabeast (June 2004, London, UK)

The Videos[edit]

  1. Creating the Videos
  2. March of the Fire Ants (Extended Version)
  3. Iron Tusk (Uncensored Version)
  4. Blood and Thunder