The Working Parts

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The Working Parts
Privately held
Industry Video game industry
Founded 2010
Headquarters Gothenburg, Sweden
Products Residue
They Breathe
Number of employees

The Working Parts is an independent video game company located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Six of the main team members started working together on their spare time during their years at university, producing Residue for the SIGA (Swedish Independent Games Awards) competition. The competition never happened, and the studio continued the development of the game until they froze it temporarily to work on another game that was easier to finish at the time, They Breathe It became the studio's first finished game. They Breathe, was released on Xbox Live Indie Games December 6, 2011.[1] it was later re-released on Steam May 23 2014, and the group's first game Residue, which had then been under development for over 4 years was released on Steam August 1 2014.


They Breathe[edit]

The studio's first finished game was originally a project that two of the members produced as a school project. Under The Working Parts' label, the game was re-made from scratch. They Breathe was released on Steam May 23 2014.


A side-scrolling 2D platform game, Residue takes place in the Aral Sea. The game features three distinct characters, each with their own abilities, interacting independently in a linear story. Residue was released on Steam August 1 2014.


There have been hints in the studio's Twitter account that they are currently working on a first-person horror game, although no official details have yet been declared.


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