The World's Strictest Parents

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The World's Strictest Parents
The World's Strictest Parents.jpg
Genre Reality TV
Country of origin United Kingdom
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel BBC Three
Original release 1 September 2008 (2008-09-01) – 16th January 2014

The World's Strictest Parents (or World's Strictest Parents) is a television reality series developed by TwentyTwenty Television with its original broadcast in Britain by the BBC. The success of the program led to many international versions being created including in the America's (broadcast by CMT) (part of MTV Networks) and Australia by the Channel Seven, the CMT episodes frequently rebroadcasting on MTV. There are also many other international foreign versions (listed below) including a German (German language)-version titled "Die strengsten Eltern der Welt" (The strictest Parents in the World).

The concept is that two so-called "unruly" teenagers are sent to live abroad with a strict host family for a week in an attempt to change their attitudes and behaviours. During the week they receive an impact letter from their real parents with a list of issues they should try to resolve.

United Kingdom - Original version[edit]

Unruly British teenagers are sent abroad to live with strict families in an experiment to try to change their behaviour. Generally they spend 10 days with their adopted parents trying to live within their rules.
The first series was broadcast on a Thursday.

Series 1 (2008)[edit]

Episode First Aired Teenagers Family Notes BBC Episode Guide
1 18 September Naomi and Ross Mark and Lynn Garnett in Alabama, USA In the first episode, the teenagers, Ross and Naomi, are both the same age. At the charity work Naomi and Ross got in trouble, Ross got in trouble for using profanity and Naomi got in trouble for asking a homeless man for a cigarette. At the end of the episode, the wrong trailer is used by mistake, advertising the next episode that the host family is in Ghana which is actually (episode 3) the next one (episode 2) is in Jamaica. BBC Episode Guide – S01E01
2 25 September Charlotte and Sam Dave and Sharon Rose in Jamaica Sam gets sent to bed early after a confrontation with Sharon Rose about church, Charlotte left school early the first day for writing an inappropriate essay BBC Episode Guide – S01E02
3 2 October Lizzie and Stephan Richard and Vida Adega in Ghana BBC Episode Guide – S01E03
4 9 October Josh and Charlotte Sanjeev and Meena Sharma in India BBC Episode Guide – S01E04
5 16 October Lucy and Grant Hannes and Alma Moolman in South Africa BBC Episode Guide – S01E05
6 23 October N/A N/A Changed My Life Catch up with the 10 teenagers features in the series, looking back over their experiences to see if strict parenting has changed the relationship they have with their own parents. This episode aired in Australia on Saturday, 7 December 2013 BBC Episode Guide – S01E06

Series 2 (2009)[edit]

Series two premiered on BBC Three on 15 October 2009. Like the last series, it was broadcast on a Thursday.

Episode First Aired Teenagers Family Notes BBC Episode Guide
1 15 October Bex and Chezden David and Wanda Kimbrough in Atlanta, USA This episode was aired as an Australian episode and narrated by Axle Whitehead. Bex And Chezden got a scolding from Wanda after running away from Sunday School, Bex also got in trouble in school for walking out of class and talking back to the Headmaster, Chez spent a couple hours out of the house for having an angry outburst over David Kimbrough being considered his father. BBC Episode Guide – S02E01
2 22 October Peter and Jocelyn Unni and Madhu Unnikrishnan in India During the show, Peter gets a tattoo from an unlicensed parlour, thus putting him at risk of contracting HIV. The production staff intervene, fearing for his safety. But Peter was very unhappy after being forced to leave the parlour with a half-finished tattoo which was, ironically, to say "Wisdom" in Hindi. BBC Episode Guide – S02E02
3 29 October Hannah and Leigh Michael and Marianyana Selelo in Botswana

This episode was aired as an Australian episode and narrated by Axle Whitehead.

BBC Episode Guide – S02E03
4 5 November Hannah and James Spencer and Nicholeen Peck in Utah, USA The Peck family are devoted Mormons. This is the first episode that features a teen who is a young parent (Hannah). This was the most viewed episode on this show. This episode aired as an Australian episode and narrated by Axle Whitehead. BBC Episode Guide – S02E04
5 12 November Gemma and Jack David and Tzippi Schechet in Israel Gemma and Jack are introduced to the Schechet (pronounced as "Shekay") family, an Orthodox Jewish American family who are from Los Angeles but moved to Israel to live a more religious life. The teens at first throw tantrums and disregard rules, but are humbled by their enjoyment of the work, and a meeting with two elderly Holocaust survivors. However, Gemma becomes jealous when attention is turned to Jack, and resumes her old behavior and Gemma is caught sunbathing in a bikini in the front lawn of the Schechet's home, disobeying the community dress code after which she is asked to leave. After she spends a night in a Tel Aviv hotel, the Schechets decide to give her another chance and invite her back to join them for lunch in Jerusalem, after which they visit the Western Wall. This episode was aired as an Australian Episode and narrated by Axle Whitehead.[1] BBC Episode Guide – S02E05
6 19 November Debbie and Daniel Abdulsalam and Iman Hajjar in Lebanon For a week they must live under the strict rules of the Hajjars, a liberal Sunni Muslim family. BBC Episode Guide – S02E06
7 3 December Calvin and Rosie Earl and Rosie Perez in Belize BBC Episode Guide – S02E07
8 10 December Kaya and Jay Stacey and Shannon White in Oklahoma, USA Kaya becomes the first teenager to fail to complete the week in the show's history.Kaya Was Picked By The Police For Running Away From The White Family House, After being rushed to hospital it was revealed that she was faking an illness. Meanwhile, Jay struggles with motivational issues ever since the death of his four-year-old niece, Molly. This episode was aired as an Australian Episode and narrated by Axle Whitehead. BBC Episode Guide – S02E08
9 17 December N/A N/A Update The programme catches up with ten teenagers featured in the series. The episodes that were represented were Atlanta, India, Botswana, Utah and Lebanon. The teens recall their experiences and promises, answering whether or not the programme changed their life. BBC Episode Guide – S02E09

Series 3 (2010)[edit]

Series three premiered on BBC Three on 11 October 2010, the show returned for an 11 episode run. Whilst not formally announced, it appears the teens now spend a week with their adopted families rather than the 10 days in the two previous series. Each episode aired at 9:00pm on BBC Three and was repeated at various times over the following week. It was also moved to a Monday.

Episode First Aired Teenagers Family Notes BBC Episode Guide
1 10 October Wesley and Tamsin Joe Leveille and Scott Loper in New Jersey The first time one of the training parents, has gone to the home of one of the British teens, as well as the first time that the parents have been same-sex, the second time one of the teens was a teen parent (Wesley) and the first time one of the teenagers stayed longer than planned (Tamsin). BBC Episode Guide – S03E01
2 18 October Nicole and Nathan Kenrick and Andrea Harris in Barbados Nathan spends two nights out of the Harris home the first night he stayed in a motel for not handing over his cigarettes and the third night for not apologizing for leaving school, Both Nicole And Nathan ran off school grounds and had Mr Harris driving all over Barbados looking for them. In this episode after a verbal confrontation between Andrea and Nicole, Andrea loses her temper and shouts at Nicole in which she runs out into the street but returns after a couple of hours. Nathan spends one night out of the house for not apologizing for leaving school. BBC Episode Guide – S03E02
3 25 October Nicki and Jerri Brindley and Mandy De Zylva in Sri Lanka For the first time ever on the show, the teenagers were both girls, instead of having one girl and one boy. The reasons for this are unknown. BBC Episode Guide – S03E03
4 1 November Eden and Anastasia Linzey and Jeanie Armstrong in Florida BBC Episode Guide – S03E04
5 8 November Rosie and Nick Ed and Marta Hill in Puerto Rico BBC Episode Guide – S03E05
6 15 November Scott and Billie Dickson and Faith Mugaza in Kenya Billie Spends one night on their grandmothers farm as The Mugazas Punishment for smoking as a minor and misbehaving in the community and arguing and embarrassing Faith Mugaza over the school uniform policy, Scott is kicked out of school for refusing to shave his beard. BBC Episode Guide – S03E06
7 22 November Sevda and Andrew Randy and Rozanne Frazee in Texas Sevda leaves the house for a couple of hours after throwing a tantrum about not being allowed a cigarette. BBC Episode Guide – S03E07
8 29 November Forrest and Daniel Jan and Liesbeth Van Berkel in the Netherlands After Daniel smokes cannabis, he spends a night in a hotel. Both teens repeatedly broke the "trust rule" of their hosts. BBC Episode Guide – S03E08
9 6 December Nadia and Aron Nalini Nanjundayya in India Mrs Nanjundayy is a single mother following the death of her husband fifteen years previous. However, she is assisted by uncles Pradeep and Mukesh. Aaron and Nadia were kicked out of school on their first day for fighting and smoking BBC Episode Guide – S03E09
10 13 December Dina and Alex DeWayne and Vanessa Davis in Chicago Alex is kicked out of the Davis's house for a while after he smokes outside their house, but after a while a guilt ridden Alex apologises to Dewayne and is allowed back in the house. This episode also aired in Australia on 1 March 2015. BBC Episode Guide – S03E10
11 20 December N/A N/A Update The programme catches up with 10 British teenagers from the series six months after they lived with families all over the globe. It reveals the lessons they learnt and the inside story of their journeys, including father-to-be Wesley McGillian and Rosie Hynd who met her match in Puerto Rico. Five of the episodes were represented – those being New Jersey, Barbados, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico and Texas. All teens involved had made a marked change in their attitudes and behaviour. BBC Episode Guide – S03E11

Series 4 (2011)[edit]

Series 4 premiered on 3 November 2011 and featured 12 teenagers. It was also moved back to a Thursday.

Episode First Aired Teenagers Family Notes BBC Episode Guide
1 3 November Remzi and Bryony Gonzalo and Guadalupe Bustamante in Argentina Features for the first time a teenager with a learning disability (Bryony) and is mentally ill, which means she has anger management issues. Remzi and Bryony were kicked out from school on their first day, after Bryony used a profanity in the classroom, threatening and pushing the head teacher, Remzi for lacking behind on his work, being lazy and giving Bryony a cigarette, after which both teens smoked on the school grounds. It's also the first time the series began with an episode that takes place in South America, rather than North America. BBC Episode Guide – S04E01
2 10 November Charlie and Hamzah Anna-Marie De Vos and Suzanne Du Toit in South Africa The second time that the training parents have been the same-sex. BBC Episode Guide – S04E02
3 17 November Shola and Joiee Ashwani and Rashmi Virk in India The teens are kicked out of school after an incident where security are called and Joiee refuses to let them search his bag, for fear of his gin being discovered. Shola is kicked out of the Virks' flat for a short while after using profanity in the flat and pushing and hitting Ashwani when he asks her to wear an Indian outfit for his deceased father's memorial service. She later apologizes and is allowed back in the flat. BBC Episode Guide- S04E03
4 24 November Jade and Connor Rob and Denise Smith Irwin in Seattle This is the first time one of the host parents are disabled (Denise) and the third time that one of the teenagers has a baby (Connor)

BBC Episode Guide- S04E04

5 1 December Georgie and Callum Benjamin and Shasha Li in North Carolina The teens have to live under the guidance of a wealthy Chinese-American family. During the show Georgie, Shasha And Alex Li had an argument over Alex's opinion that Georgie did not do well at the charity work, then Georgie ran out of the house. Benjamin Li had to negotiate with Georgie in a 2hr standoff to come back in the house but returns and Shasha called Georgie's mother. After the show Georgie still refused to apologize to the Lis after her angry outburst during the show.

BBC Episode Guide- S04E05

6 8 December Hannah and Ritchie Ali and Canan Vural in Turkey Before Ritchie was sent to Turkey he had two ear piercings. He had a bad relationship with his dad, who left him when he was a kid. Ritche moved in with his mum at the age of 11. Ritche has been through a lot of detention and he's lacking school. Meanwhile Mum is struggling with her 17-year-old wild girl Hanna. BBC Episode Guide- S04E06
7 15 December N/A N/A Update BBC Episode Guide- S04E07

United States[edit]

The World's Strictest Parents
Genre Reality TV
Country of origin United States
Running time 1 Hour
Original channel CMT
Original release 18 April 2009 – 29 October 2010

Season 1[edit]

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 17-year-old Brittani from Santa Clarita, California and 15-year-old Ivan from Queens, New York Scott and Lisa Vinton in Murrieta, California[2]
2 16-year-old Reed from Mesa, Arizona and 16-year-old Jessica from Cave Creek, Arizona Charlie and Sharon Hatcher in College Grove, Tennessee[2] Reed and Jessica were two of the 16-year-old teens in exactly the same age from Arizona.
3 16-year-old Ricky from Laguna Beach, California and 16-year-old Katie from Mesa, Arizona Steve and Angie McCuin in Portland, Tennessee[2]
4 16-year-old Whitney from Redington Beach, Florida and 16-year-old Stephen from Clearwater, Florida Paul and Dana Helton in Medina, Tennessee[2] Whitney and Stephen were two of the 16-year-old teens in exactly the same age from Florida.
5 16-year-old Julie from Tulsa, Oklahoma and 16-year-old Sebastian from Jenks, Oklahoma David and Dana Cork in Statesboro, Georgia[2] The first U.S. episode with a Mormon family. Julie and Sebastian were two of the 16-year-old teens in exactly the same age from Oklahoma.
6 16-year-old Adelle from Richmond, Texas and 17-year-old Garrett from Orting, Washington Daniel and Andrea Morrison in Atlanta, Georgia[2]
7 18-year-old Desiree from Glendale, Arizona and 15-year-old Brian from Grand Rapids, Michigan Adam and Pamela Rutherford in Reno, Nevada[2] Brian left during the show, while Desiree stayed.
8 15-year-old Arielle from Los Angeles, California and 18-year-old Tyler from Des Moines, Iowa Terry and Roxanne Forsyth in Combs, Arkansas[2]
9 17-year-old Aja from Pasadena, California and 17-year-old Alex from Alhambra, California Cliff and Lisa Bolton in Bakersfield, California[2] Aja and Alex were two of the 17-year-old teens in exactly the same age from California.
10 17-year-old Jennifer from Brooksville, Florida and 18-year-old Chad from El Cajon, California Gary and Theresa Bilben in Walker, Minnesota[2]
11 16 year-old Sadie from Massachusetts and 18-year old Nick Sam and Amy Wright in Tennessee[2]
12 17-year old Audrey from Verona, New Jersey and 16-year old Brent from Bloomington, Indiana Mark and Tammy Manning in Long Creek, Oregon[2]
13 15 year-old Jackie from Lansdale, Pennsylvania and 17 year-old Spencer from Kansas City, Missouri Scott and Penny Knight in Morristown, Tennessee[2]
14 Mackenzie from Omaha, Nebraska and 15-year-old Ian from Omaha, Nebraska Blake and Angie Bouldin in North Carolina[2] Both teens were from Omaha, Nebraska.
15 16-year old Cristiana from El Segundo, California and 17-year old Ronnie from Cumming, Georgia Jim and Janee Gentrup in Gilbert, Arizona[2]
16 17-year old Karli from Glendale, Arizona and 18-year old Zach from Louisville, Kentucky Sean and Irene McCormick in Huxley, Iowa[2]
17 16 year-old Ariel from Peachtree City, Georgia and 16 year-old Mark from O'Fallon, Missouri Russ and Kim Call in Moab, Utah[2] Both teens were at the same age from two different cities at two states.
18 16-year old Sierra from St. Paul Park, Minnesota and 18-year old Anthony from White House, Tennessee Jim and Sherene Smidt in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho[2]
19 15-year old Lilly from San Diego, California and 17-year old Matthew from Tustin, California Dick and Denise Ballard in Ross, Ohio[2]
20 16-year-old Samantha from Mukilteo, Washington and 17-year-old Nick from Levittown, Pennsylvania Mike and Karen Combes in Cincinnati, Ohio[2]
21 16-year-old Shauna from Moreno Valley, California and 17-year-old Megan from Louisville, Kentucky Mike and Pam Brown in Richmond, Virginia[2] The first U.S. episode with two girls.
22 16-year-old Victoria (a.k.a. Vicki) from Orlando, Florida and 18-year-old Caleb from Missouri Ken and Sue Cooper in Ellicott City, Maryland[2]
23 16-year-old Mary from Hudson, Florida and 17-year-old Wyatt from Riverside, California Tom and Shonnie Carroll in Virginia[2]
24 15-year-old Danielle from Orlando, Florida and 17-year-old Chris from Westminster, California Larry and Christy Sheffield in Spurger, Texas[2]
25 17-year-old Antonia from Runnemede, New Jersey and 16-year-old Myles from Weston, Florida Jeff and Yvonne Robinson in McDonough, Georgia[2]
26 15-year-old Stephanie from Lancaster, California and 16-year-old Matt from Rochelle Park, New Jersey Jack and Patty Wilcox in Jacksonville, Florida[2]
27 17-year-old Angela from Phoenix, Arizona and 17-year-old Jay from South Pasadena, California Tommy and Toni Toscano in Orlando, Florida[2]
28 17-year-old Megan from Phoenix, Arizona and 16-year-old Paul from Encinitas, California Mike and Cynthia Souza in Tracy, California[2]
29 & 30 Daniel and Miles The Vanderbilt family in Florida[2] 2 hours: Daniel was sent home after a physical altercation with Brian Vanderbilt and Miles. Miles, who was found guilty of causing the fight, was arrested. The first US episode with two boys.

Season 2[edit]

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 17-year-old Kelsey from Hometown, Illinois and 15-year-old Zack from Wilmette, Illinois Scott and June Allen in Cartersville, Georgia[3] Both teens were from two different cities in Illinois.
2 15-year-old Taylor from Casselberry, Florida and 16-year-old Gina from Newnan, Georgia Terry and Pam Malone in Chardon, Ohio[3]
3 16-year-old Chloie from Huntington Beach, California and 16-year-old Kody from Monroe, Washington Mark and Laura Smith in Findlay, Ohio[3]
4 17-year-old Ashley from Lake City, Florida and 16-year-old James from Lakewood, California Dino and Debbie Pavoni in Crestwood, Illinois[3]
5 16-year-old Sarah from Anaheim, California and 16-year-old Peyton from Gallatin, Tennessee Jeff and Maria Bledsoe in Blair, Nebraska[3]
6 16-year-old Sierrah from York, Pennsylvania and 17-year-old Gavin from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Chuck and Tracie Moyer in Camby, Indiana[3] Both teens were from two different cities in Pennsylvania.
7 17-year-old Christine from Quincy, Massachusetts and 17-year-old Jesse from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Eddie and Susan Tilley in North Charleston, South Carolina[3]
8 16-year-old Jacob from Glendale, Arizona and 17-year-old Tyler from Anaheim, California Pat and Holly Hughes in Christmas, Florida[3]
9 16-year-old Sebastian from Chatsworth, California and 16-year-old Bekki from Castaic, California Ken and Mary-Jo Illig in White Bluff, Tennessee[3] Sebastian and Bekki were two of the 16-year-old teens in exactly the same age from California.
10 17-year-old Amber from Lakewood, California and 16-year-old Steph from Encinitas, California Rick and Rose-Mary Fisher in Nashville, Tennessee[3] The second, but last U.S. episode with two girls, and they were from two different cities in California.

Unlike the original British series, in which teenagers were sent to live abroad, the US series had the teenagers remain within The United States, as the program was produced with a reduced cable network budget rather than that of a national broadcast network, and law and passport concerns as some episodes would likely feature subjects which would not meet passport regulations. Another difference was that their own parents came for them and evaluated the stay with the host family.


The World's Strictest Parents
Genre Reality TV
Starring Axle Whitehead
Country of origin Australia
Running time 1 hour
Original channel Seven Network
Original release 22 July 2009 – 14 August 2012

The Seven Network also created their own series of The World's Strictest Parents, hosted by singer and actor Axle Whitehead. The first season debuted in Australia on 22 July 2009. However, a sneak peek was shown on 24 June 2009 and was the top watched show of the week, with 1.875 million people tuning in. Whitehead's song Way Home was featured in the advertisements. The show is classified PG.

A second season went to air on 14 July 2010, starting with two British episodes featuring Whitehead's narration.

Season 3 premiered on 10 August 2011, however the series was continually interrupted due to the airing of the third season of The X Factor Australia.[4][5]

The remainder of season three was aired in the middle of 2012.[6]

The show did not return for a fourth season in 2013, due to poor ratings. Repeats of old episodes are currently being aired on Sunday afternoons.

Season 1[edit]

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Jess and Kyle Jonathan and Cathleen Gibson in Indiana[7] Debut episode. Re-aired 21 April 2013
2 Bailey and Jono Thembile and Portia Bethe in South Africa[7] Jono was arrested for heavy drinking and after the show, one of the family members, Thembele, was murdered in a politically motivated shooting. Re-aired 28 April 2013.
3 Emily and Harry John and Mary Coleman in Whitechurch, Ireland[7] After Harry left school, Mary put him in his room for the entire night. Harry also misbehaved on his first day of school and had trouble fitting in, while Emily was forced to remove piercings from her face before going which she reluctantly agreed to, then Emily got caught by Mary for hiding alcohol under her mattress; the parents confiscated Harry's phone and runners. Re-aired 2 June 2013
4 Naomi and Ross Mark and Lynn Garnett in Alabama[7] 1st British episode with narration from Axle Whitehead
5 Zaine and Memphis Meng and Ean Chua in Singapore[7] Zaine and Memphis ditched school and went joywalking around Singapore, then grounded Memphis got caught by Ms Chua for going into her room and taking her house keys attempting to go joyriding
6 Lucy and Grant Hannes and Alma Moolman in South Africa[7] 5th British episode with narration from Axle Whitehead
7 Charlotte and Sam Dave and Sharon Rose in Jamaica[7] 2nd British episode with narration from Axle Whitehead
8 Stacey and Micah Brad and Nise Davies in Tennessee[7]
9 Lizzie and Stefan Richard and Vida Adega in Ghana[7] 3rd British episode with narration from Axle Whitehead
10 Josh and Charlotte Sanjeev and Meena Sharma in India[7] 4th British episode with narration from Axle Whitehead

Season 2[edit]

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Bex and Chezdan David and Wanda Kimbrough in Atlanta[7] 7th British episode with narration from Axle Whitehead
2 Chloe and Christian Zack and Patty Wirth in Montana Re-aired 1 September 2013. Chloe and Christian headed for the main road but Zack stopped them with a horse and they were separated at night until the teens headed home.
3 Adriana and Nathan Mark and Grace Ironside in Queensland[7] First episode with the family inside Australia. Re-aired 10 June 2013. Nathan got in trouble for stealing the family car and Mark called the police.
4 Thea and Corie Laval and Jennifer Simons in Port Lavaca, Texas Corie and Thea were picked up by the police for cutting school and got kicked out of said institution. They were then forced into boot camp which instantly tested Corie's intelligence. Re-aired 8 September 2013 and 6 October 2013
5 Hannah and Dillan Andrew and Charnell De Kock in South Africa Re-aired 22 September 2013
6 Aza and Troy Nathan and Cassandra McDonald in Ohio Re-aired 24 March 2013.

Season 3[edit]

Episode Air date Teenagers Family Notes
1 Tuesday 17 July 2012 Euni and Sam Omar and Kumarie Bachew in Trinidad[7]
2 Wednesday 10 August 2011 Breianna and Chris Nicholas and Mpume Myeza in South Africa at the Isipingo community church, one of the cameramen are shown on the far left when Brei shouted at Nicholas. Mpume consficated Brei's make up. Re-aired 15 March 2015
3 Wednesday 17 August 2011 Brooke and Mark Peter and Annika Wallenskog in Sweden[7] First episode where one of the teens (Mark) had only one kidney. Re-aired 22 March 2015
4 Wednesday 24 August 2011 Liam and Rylee Simon and Yvonne Godfrey in Albany, New Zealand Liam was kicked out of the house for going out twice and threatening Yvonne. He was allowed back in the next day. During Rylee's speech on her last day in New Zealand, it is indicated that she was most likely raped by an older man that she ran away with when she was 15 years old.
5 Wednesday 21 September 2011 Celeste and Kaih Mark and Becky Lytle in North Carolina Both teens vandalized a cabin for a disabled member of the Lytle family, spray painted a disabled sick sheep then destroyed the letterbox and the police were called. Re-aired 5 April 2015.
6 Tuesday 7 August 2012 Madeleine and Lewis Nishith and Sangeeta Saxena in India
7 Tuesday 14 August 2012 George and Henry Kenneth and Sylvia Woods in New York First episode where both teens were boys and were also brothers.
8 Tuesday 24 July 2012 Eva and Gabriel Buck and LeaNan Burney in Florida


The first episode attracted an audience of 1.54 million, and was the second most watched show of the night.[citation needed]

Episode No. Airdate Ratings (in millions) Nightly Rank Weekly Rank
1 22 July 2009 1.541 2nd 8th
2 29 July 2009 1.595 2nd 5th
3 5 August 2009 1.499 3rd 8th
4 12 August 2009 1.453 2nd 8th
5 19 August 2009 1.521 1st 6th
6 26 August 2009 1.302 5th 13th
7 2 September 2009 1.307 5th 15th
8 9 September 2009 1.395 3rd 6th
9 16 September 2009 1.407 2nd TBA


The World's Strictest Parents
Genre Reality TV
Country of origin Turkey
Running time 1 Hour
Original channel One
Original release 1 October 2010 – 11 March 2011

Season 1[edit]

Episode Teenagers Family Air date Notes
1 Jessie and Timmy Jasons family in Philippines 1 October 2010
2 Erika and Vern Ruttern family in Kentucky 8 October 2010 Vern was sent home for drugs.
3 Waneta and Dante Mellen family in Queensland 15 October 2010
4 Arie and Timmy Flom family in France 22 October 2010 Timmy spent one night in a police station.
5 Rosita and Efrain Barrs family in Tokyo 29 October 2010
6 Mary and Greg Mathers family in California 5 November 2010 Greg and Mary got in a fight and Greg was sent home for causing the fight.
7 Lorri and Quentin Mast family in Italy 12 November 2010
8 Ilda and Lyman Gribbie family in Oregon 19 November 2010
9 Hilaria and Donald Texato family in Mexico 26 November 2010
10 Rosella and Waylon Jennison family in Canada 3 December 2010 Waylon was arrested for fighting and spent one night at the police station.

Season 2[edit]

Episode Teenagers Family Air date Notes
1 Hilaria and Moises Halliwell family in North Carolina 7 January 2011
2 Shira and Clayton Simser family in Russia 14 January 2011 Clayton was sent home after running away.
3 Toya and Erlene Prechitt family in Maryland 21 January 2011 The first episode to feature two teenagers who are trans.
4 Carmela and Hugo Eastham family in the United Kingdom 28 January 2011 First episode to be within the UK
5 Misti and Merle Dorgan family in Texas 4 February 2011
6 Jerri and Buck Coulson family in New South Wales 11 February 2011
7 Justina and Genardo Outland family in New Zealand 18 February 2011
8 Lila and Blaine Leaman family in New York 25 February 2011
9 Cortney and Letitia Banas family in South Africa 4 March 2011 Second episode to feature two teenagers of the same sex
10 Hellen and Jeese Tadeos family in Washington D.C. 11 March 2011 Series finale.

New Zealand[edit]

The World's Strictest Parents
Genre Reality TV
Country of origin New Zealand
Running time 1 Hour
Original channel TVNZ
Original release 1 March 2012 – 5 April 2012

A New Zealand adaptation of The World's Strictest Parents aired in 2012 on TV One. Only one series was made.

Season 1[edit]

Episode Teenagers Location
2 Adam and Brittany Zanesville, Ohio


Episode No. Airdate Viewers Time-shifted Ratings Time-shifted Rank
1 1 March 2012 332,740 6,400 16th
2 8 March 2012 277,000 N/A N/A
3 15 March 2012 277,930 15,090 8th
4 22 March 2012 344,820 12,290 9th
5 29 March 2012 341,850 9,590 10th
6 5 April 2012 285,800 17,710 6th


In Denmark the show is called "Verdens strengeste forældre" and it is broadcast by TV3.

Season 1[edit]

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Morten and Anastasia John and Mary Coleman in Ireland[8]
2 Frederik and Karen Joel and Kim Pattison in Louisiana[8]
3 Morten and Sasha Ole-Jørgen and Ann Hammeken in Greenland[8]
4 Trine and Kodjo Michael and Mette Grønbech in Denmark[8]
5 Michelle and Malou Jørgen and Margit in Denmark[8] First time with female participants only
6 Henriette and Kim Henrik and Annette Sørensen in Denmark[8]

Season 2[edit]

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Jonas and Ditte Datnow family in South Africa[8]
2 Dennis and Line Dieckmann on the Danish island of Taasinge[8]
3 Robin and Natascha Elgaard Thorsager family in Denmark[8]
4 Frederik and Amalie Randy and Phoebe Gray in Tennessee[8]
5 Michelle and Lennard Morten and Ida Kristensen in Denmark[8]
6 Simone and Sarah ? Family in the United Kingdom[8] Second time with female participants only


In Germany the show is called "Die strengsten Eltern der Welt". It is broadcast by Kabel Eins.

Series 1 (2009)[edit]

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Sarah and Thomas Waldner Family in Canada[9]
2 Fabian and Julia Uwe and Anke Nicolaus family in Namibia[9]
3 Kay and Nicole Roland and Bernadette Brunner in Switzerland[9]
4 Michael and Jennifer Dario and Carmen Urbanski in South Africa[9]
5 Anna and Pisei
Stephen and Agnes
Toby and Jody Dahl in Montana
Thomas and Jamila Friedrich in Morocco[9]
6 Caroline and Vivien Isaac and Grace Akorli in Ghana[9]
7 Jaqueline and Mandy Franz and Marie Krämer family in Patagonia[9]
8 Dustin and Jeffrey Olger and Tania Tejada in Peru[9]
9 Anna and Michael Dario and Carmen Urbanski in South Africa[9]
10 Recap of all families
11 Lilli and Stanislav Fedja and Ludmilla Fedorenko in Siberia[9]
12 Yvonne and Michel Ianis and Ioanna Liebich in Greece[9]
13 Louis and Sarah Roland and Edith Krämer in Germany[9]
14 Justin and Nadine Reimhard and Michelle Stemmann in Teneriffa[9]

Series 2 (2010)[edit]

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Jenny and Dennis Jotty Auala and Calista Tjazerua family in Namibia[9]
2 Michaela and Tino Dumitru and Lucretia Carloanta in Romania[9]
3 Dominic and Alicia Vasyl and Vasylina Maksymyuk in Ukraine[9]
4 Robin and Vivien Uli and Jean Lengenberg in Seattle[9]
5 Vivien and Marcel John Blackwell and Christina Spence in New Zealand[9]
6 Michele and Daria Bishow and Indira Pokarel in Nepal[9]
7 Aylin and Markus Ole Sairua, Nasali and Noretit in Kenya[9]
8 Soner and Laura Philip and Mira Ross in Finland[9]
9 Shiva and Nico Michael and Sabine Wesseln in Spain[9]
10 Anna and Laura Dahl family in Montana[9]

Series 3 (2011)[edit]

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Jessika and Basti Bernard and Adele Dieme in Senegal[9]
2 Laura and Marlon Shanker-Lal and Poonam Bishnoi in India[9]
3 Antonia and Max Elias and Andrea Machaca in Peru[9]
4 Dominik and Kalica Mehmet and Kezban Erdal in Turkey[9]
5 Michele and Daria Bishow and Indira Pokarel in Nepal[9]
6 Samer and Dana Laklak and Dhwarwar Marika in Australia[9]
7 Sascha and Janine Mikhail and Marina Miguras in Siberia[9]
8 Dennis and Michelle Haru and Shitaye Muluneh in Etiopia[9]
9 Dennis and Janet Chucka and Tserendolgor Bozjigon in Mongolia[9]
10 Maurice and Angelina Aderno, Jandaia, Nitinaua and Nayara Pataxó in Brazil[9]
11 Danny and Jasmin Julius and Kristin Lundberg in Iceland[9]
12 Marta and Fabian Laurant and Maari Botrasoa in Madagascar[9]
13 Timmy and Anne Emerson and Andrea Lopes in Cape Verde[9]

Unlike the original series, the teenagers don`t know they are going to different parents and think it`s a holiday trip. The new family usually does not speak German and the teenagers likewise usually don't speak any other language than German so they can only talk through translators. Therefore they do not have long conversation or are given advice as in the original series.


Series 1 (2012)[edit]

In Poland the show is called "Surowi Rodzice"(strict parents). It is broadcast by TVN.


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