The World According to Clarkson

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The World According To Clarkson
The World According To Clarkson cover.jpg
AuthorJeremy Clarkson
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication date
UK 2004
Poland 2006
Netherlands 2007
Lithuania 2011
Ukraine 2015
Media typePaperback

The World According To Clarkson is a book of Jeremy Clarkson's columns he wrote while working for The Sunday Times. They ran from 7 January 2001 until 14 December 2003. The topics were varied, each one usually based on either a big or trivial news story from the week. About seven were written as Clarkson travelled around Europe. The book is a number one Sunday Times million copies bestseller.[1]

Clarkson discussed a wide variety of topics, usually taking a cynical approach.

All of the articles are written with a humorous approach but often with some serious undertone.

The book was translated into Ukrainian and Polish.

In Poland it appeared under the title Świat według Clarksona (Insignis, 2006), becoming the number one bestseller in the country. Another volume of his Sunday Times articles was published in 2009 as Driven to Distraction.

In Ukraine it appeared under the title Джеремі Кларксон та світ довкола.


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