World Fireworks Championship

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Fireworks exploding on the sky.
Display from The World Fireworks Championship.

The World Fireworks Championship was held in Oman in 2010 over three successive weekends and featured six firework companies. A reported 750,000 spectators attended the competition which ultimately was won by French company Lacroix Ruggieri.

Oman World Fireworks Championship 2010[edit]

2010 World Fireworks Championship competitors
Vulcan's (China) Opening Performance
Panzera display (Italy)
Zambelli display (United States)
Lacroix-Ruggieri (France) display
Lacroix-Ruggieri (France) 'Fire My Heart' display

The Oman World Fireworks Championship 2010 was part of the 40th National Day Celebrations of the Sultanate of Oman. The competition was held at Al Qurum Natural Park, located in the city of Muscat. Each pyromusical display was broadcast live over radio.

The World Fireworks Championship Results[edit]

Year Winner's Trophy Joint Second Place
2010 France France (Lacroix-Ruggeiri) Italy Italy (Panzera) China China (Vulcan)

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