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Professor David Harvey and journalist Paul Mason at The World Transformed 2017

The World Transformed (TWT) is a political conference organised by the grassroots Momentum group of the British Labour Party. Beginning in 2016, organisers describe its purpose as "to create a space in which ideas can be freely exchanged and collectively developed"[1] and in 2017 the conference saw over 1000 attendees and 300 activists, politicians, musicians and artists in attendance.[2] The success of the 2017 conference has been seen by the media as a mark of the success of the left wing of the Labour party in shifting the party's political alignment.[3]

The 2017 event took place in conjunction with the main Labour Party conference in Brighton in September 2017 and lasted four days, spread across nine venues. The attendees were largely young people who had previously taken little interest in party politics before the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader in 2015, and were coming together to discuss how to build on Labour's advances in the 2017 general election.[4]

Filmmaker Ken Loach, journalist Paul Mason, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott MP, Ed Miliband MP, Russell Brand, George Monbiot and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell appeared at the 2017 conference,[5][6][7] which came at a time of 'relative unity' compared to 2016, when the conference was viewed as a rival event by Labour MPs who were not supportive of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party. Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop described it as "part of the hard-left, the fringe of British politics. They're not affiliated to UK Labour and are entryists."[8]

In October 2017, Labour MP Clive Lewis was criticised for language used at a fringe event of the conference in which he told the actor Sam Swann to "Get on your knees, bitch!". Swann later described the incident as "jovial".[9]


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