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The World University (WU) is an educational institution based in Benson, Arizona, United States. It is dedicated to education in esoteric, spiritual, and non-traditional subjects. All courses and programs are offered via distance learning, although some on-campus instruction also takes place.


It was founded by H. John Zitko (1911–2003), who served as WU's president. The World University Roundtable, the university's parent corporation, was proposed in Los Angeles, California, on December 21, 1946, and formed as a nonprofit corporation on February 24, 1947. The World University was established on December 21, 1967, by the Roundtable membership.

In 1969, WU purchased a complex of buildings in Tucson, Arizona, which served as the university's campus. In 1985, WU purchased an 80-acre (320,000 m2) property, the "Desert Sanctuary Campus," located at the foot of the Rincon Mountain Range near Benson, Arizona, and in 1987 completed the move of its operations to the latter location. The Benson campus includes a library with 25,000 books, primarily on esoteric subjects. In addition to its Arizona headquarters, WU also maintains regional colleges in India and Nigeria.

Regional colleges[edit]


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