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The World as I See It (book)

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Albert Einstein, 1947

The World as I See It is a book by Albert Einstein translated from the German by A. Harris and published in 1935 by John Lane The Bodley Head (London). The original German book is Mein Weltbild by Albert Einstein, first published in 1934 by Rudolf Kayser, with an essential extended edition published by Carl Seelig in 1954.[1] Composed of assorted articles, addresses, letters, interviews and pronouncements, it includes Einstein's opinions on the meaning of life, ethics, science, society, religion, and politics.

According to the preface of the first English edition,

Albert Einstein believes in humanity, in a peaceful world of mutual helpfulness, and in the high mission of science. This book is intended as a plea for this belief at a time which compels every one of us to overhaul his mental attitude and his ideas.


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