The World of Poo

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The World of Poo
World of Poo cover.jpg
Publisher Doubleday
Publication date
June 7, 2012
ISBN 978-0857521217

The World of Poo is described as "A charming tale for people of all ages (but especially for young Sam Vimes) from the pen of Miss Felicity Beedle, Discworld's premier children's author."[1]

Terry Pratchett hinted on March 7, 2012, that a new book other than The Long Earth would be coming in June.[2] On the same day, he announced and revealed that the new book was The World of Poo,[citation needed] which was available from June 7, 2012 in the UK. There is a UK Collector's Edition, exclusive to WHSmith, with a different cover design.


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