The Wound-Dresser

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The Wound-Dresser
by John Adams
Commissioned byCarillon Importers on behalf of Absolut Vodka, with assistance from the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra through a gift from Daniel and Constance Kunin
Text"The Wound-Dresser" (Walt Whitman, 1865)
Durationabout 20 minutes
ScoringChamber orchestra and baritone singer
Date24 February 1989
LocationSt Paul, Minnesota
ConductorJohn Adams
PerformersSanford Sylvan (baritone) Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

The Wound-Dresser is a piece for chamber orchestra and baritone singer by composer John Adams. The piece is an elegiac setting of excerpts from American poet Walt Whitman's poem "The Wound-Dresser" (1865)[1] about his experience as a hospital volunteer during the American Civil War.[2]

It was written for baritone singer Sanford Sylvan, who premiered it on 24 February 1989 in St Paul, Minnesota, with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra conducted by the composer.[3][4] It was subsequently recorded by the same forces for Nonesuch Records.[5] Interpreters who have performed and recorded it since have included Thomas Hampson,[6] Nathan Gunn,[7] Jeremy Huw Williams,[8] and Christopher Maltman.[9]

In 2011, the Oregon Symphony performed and recorded the composition for Music for a Time of War.[10][11]


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