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The Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show
The wrap up show logo.jpg
GenreTalk show, Entertainment
Running time~1 hour
Country of originUnited States
Home stationHoward 100
StarringJon Hein
Gary Dell'Abate
Original releaseJanuary 9, 2006 – present
Opening theme"Remedy" by The Black Crowes
Ending theme"Remedy" or
"Fuckin' in the Bushes" by Oasis

The Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show (commonly just called The Wrap-Up Show) is a radio show that follows The Howard Stern Show on Howard 101, an uncensored channel on Sirius XM Radio. Hosted by Jon Hein, Executive producer Gary Dell'Abate, and Rahsaan aka “The Emperor of Sternthology”, the show discusses everything that happened on that day's Stern Show with listeners and various celebrity guests. It used to have other Howard Stern employees from their back office sit in on a consistent basis but the platform has since changed.

Because The Howard Stern Show is contractually bound to broadcast a minimum of four hours on Sirius XM, there is no set time when the show ends, or effectively when The Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show begins. Regardless, The Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show now follows the main show west coast broadcast and broadcasts for about an hour.

It used to air live on Sirius Channel 100 and 101 following the Howard Stern show but has since changed to being exclusively on Howard 101. The live broadcast airs a couple of hours after the Howard Stern Show appearing to cater to listeners on the West Coast that are Pacific standard time as the Wrap Up Show is live from New York with the exception of Rahsaan aka “The Emperor of Sternthology” who conveniently works remotely from his home in Los Angeles, California. It is speculated that Rahsaan moved to Los Angeles due to the birth of his child and/or his wife's career.

Prior to 2015, The Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show was open for all show staff members to discuss topics along with Hein and Dell'Abate; however, the show now only features the hosts and a revolving panel of guests discussing The Howard Stern Show and each guest's respective promotions.[1]

Howard Stern does not participate on the Wrap Up Show. However, there is the extremely rare exception where Howard will call in from outside of the studio. This has not happened many times as Howard typically will address noteworthy moments from the Wrap Up Show on his live Howard Stern Show broadcast.

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