The Wrekin transmitting station

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The Wrekin
The Wrekin transmitting station is located in Shropshire
The Wrekin transmitting station
The Wrekin transmitting station (Shropshire)
LocationTelford, Shropshire
Tower height52 metres (171 ft)
Coordinates52°40′16″N 2°32′59″W / 52.671050°N 2.549788°W / 52.671050; -2.549788Coordinates: 52°40′16″N 2°32′59″W / 52.671050°N 2.549788°W / 52.671050; -2.549788
Grid referenceSJ628082
BBC regionBBC West Midlands
ITV regionITV Central

The Wrekin transmitting station is a telecommunications and broadcasting facility on The Wrekin, a hill in the county of Shropshire, England. It includes a 52 metres (171 ft) tall free-standing lattice tower with transmitting antennas attached at various heights. The DTT transmitting arrays add about another 10m to this. It broadcasts digital television, alongside digital and FM (analogue) radio. The station was first proposed in 1966. As The Wrekin is a local beauty spot, many objections had to be overcome and alternative sites analysed before planning consent was given. The transmitter opened in 1975.[1] The building is semi-underground and the tower stands on its roof.


Like the neighbouring Granada transmitter, Winter Hill, The Wrekin serves a large part of North and Mid Wales, despite being the incorrect regional variation. The reason for this was because of the obvious carriage of Channel 5 at the same quality as channels 1-4, and also it carried the English Channel 4 as opposed to the Welsh equivalent, S4C. Since the digital switchover, The Wrekin carries all six multiplexes while local relays only carry three. This is a problem, as the Welsh terrain disables many Welsh viewers from receiving DTT from the nearest Welsh transmitter, Moel-y-Parc, so the relays of the transmitter to "fill in the gaps" only carry half the channels.


Frequency UHF kW Operator System
490.000 MHz 23 20 Digital 3&4 DVB-T
514.000 MHz 26 20 BBC A DVB-T
545.833 MHz 30- 20 BBC B DVB-T2
634.166 MHz 41+ 10 SDN DVB-T
658.000 MHz 44 10 Arqiva A DVB-T
682.000 MHz 47 10 Arqiva B DVB-T

Before switchover[edit]

Unlike analogue television, The Wrekin had a sub-transmission site, also known as The Wrekin B, designed to serve the east of the region, to fill areas in which the main transmitter didn't broadcast into. This was necessary due to co-channel interference issues with Moel-y-Parc, on channels 42, 45 and 49 (see external links). After digital switchover, the frequencies serving the east of the region were removed for compromise frequencies that has better reception in all areas of the region.

Frequency UHF kW Operator
474.000 MHz 21 2 BBC (Mux 1)
498.166 MHz 24+ 2 SDN (Mux A)
522.166 MHz 27+ 2 BBC (Mux B)
554.000 MHz 31 2 Digital 3&4 (Mux 2)
618.166 MHz 39+† 2 BBC (Mux 1)
642.000 MHz 42† 2 SDN (Mux A)
666.000 MHz 45† 2 BBC (Mux B)
698.000 MHz 49† 2 Digital 3&4 (Mux 2)
730.000 MHz 53 1 Arqiva (Mux C)
762.000 MHz 57 1 Arqiva (Mux D)

† Transmitted from The Wrekin B.


Analogue television was switched off during April 2011; BBC Two analogue was switched off on 6 April and the remaining four on 20 April.

Frequency UHF kW Service
487.25 MHz 23 100 ITV1
511.25 MHz 26 100 BBC One
535.25 MHz 29 100 Channel 4
567.25 MHz 33 100 BBC Two
583.25 MHz 35 100 Channel 5


Alongside television, the Wrekin broadcasts a number of local and national radio stations.

Analogue radio[edit]

Frequency kW Service
96.0 MHz 4.8 BBC Radio Shropshire
103.1 MHz 2.7 Free Radio (Shropshire)

Digital radio[edit]

Frequency Block kW[2] Operator
218.640 MHz 11B 0.5 NOW Wolverhampton
222.064 MHz 11D 8 Digital One
223.936 MHz 12A 4 closed 2013 MXR West Midlands
225.648 MHz 12B 5 BBC National DAB

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