The X-Rays

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The X-Rays
Directed by George Albert Smith
Produced by George Albert Smith
Starring Tom Green
Laura Bayley
Cinematography George Albert Smith
G.A. Smith
Distributed by Warwick Trading Company
Release date
  • October 1897 (1897-10)
Running time
44 secs
Country United Kingdom
Language Silent

The X-Rays (also known as The X-Ray Fiend[1]) is an 1897 British short silent comedy film, directed by George Albert Smith, featuring a courting couple exposed to X-rays. The trick film, according to Michael Brooke of BFI Screenonline, "contains one of the first British examples of special effects created by means of jump cuts"[2] Smith employs the jump-cut twice; first to transform his courting couple via "X rays," dramatized by means of the actors donning black bodysuits decorated with skeletons, and then to return them to normal. The couple in question were played by Smith's wife Laura Bayley and Tom Green (a Brighton comedian).[2]


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