The Yardbirds discography

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The Yardbirds discography
Studio albums 5
Live albums 10
Compilation albums 7+
Video albums 3
EPs 2
Singles 15
Soundtrack albums 1

From their beginnings in 1962–1963 until their breakup in 1968, the Yardbirds released one studio album, one live album, nine singles, and two EPs in their native United Kingdom (a second live album with the Yardbirds serving as a back-up band for Sonny Boy Williamson II and a soundtrack album for which they contributed one song, were also released during this period). As was the practice in the UK at the time, the Yardbirds' singles (except one) and their first EP were not released on albums. In the US (where albums included singles), the Yardbirds released an additional two albums, a second studio album, a greatest hits album, and four additional singles. Demos for two songs recorded in 1963 were later released as a single in the Netherlands and Germany[1] and a single recorded for the Italian market was released during this period.[2]

Since their breakup in 1968, a number of new albums have appeared. Besides numerous compilations, albums featuring additional live recordings and various demos and outtakes from 1963–1968 have been released. Since 1999, several recordings by the reconstituted Yardbirds have been released.[3]

Original albums 1964–1968[edit]


For Your Love and Having a Rave Up with The Yardbirds (both US 1965) are made up of US-only tracks, plus singles, an EP, and tracks from Five Live Yardbirds (UK 1964).[4] Their third American album, Over Under Sideways Down (1966), is the same as the British Yardbirds (a.k.a. Roger the Engineer), except two tracks are not included.[5] The albums released in Canada correspond to the first three American albums, although some tracks were substituted and the cover art differs (For Your Love was retitled Heart Full of Soul a.k.a. Presenting The Yardbirds). Where two catalogue numbers are given, the album was released in monaural and stereo versions.

List of albums with year, title, origin, label, and peak chart position
Year Title Origin Label Peak
6/1965 For Your Love US Epic (LN 24167/BN-26167) 96
11/1965 Having a Rave Up with The Yardbirds US Epic (LN 24177/BN 26177) 53
7/1966 Yardbirds a.k.a. Roger the Engineer UK Columbia (SX 6063/SCX 6063) 20
Over Under Sideways Down US Epic (LN 24210/BN 26210) 52
7/1967 Little Games US Epic (LN 24313/BN 26313) 80

Live albums[edit]

List of live albums with year, title, origin, label, and peak chart position
Year Title Origin Label Peak chart
12/1964 Five Live Yardbirds UK Columbia (33SX 1662)
1/1966 Sonny Boy Williamson and the Yardbirds UK Fontana (TL 5277)
2/1966 US Mercury (MG 21071/SR 61071)
"—" denotes live albums that did not chart

Compilation albums[edit]

List of compilations with year, title, origin, label, and peak chart position
Year Title Origin Label Peak
3/1967 The Yardbirds Greatest Hits US Epic (LN 24246/BN 26246) 28


"Stroll On", an updated remake of "Train Kept A-Rollin'", featuring Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page on dual-lead guitars, is the only Yardbirds contribution to the soundtrack. The film score is by Herbie Hancock.

List of soundtracks with year, title, origin, label, and peak chart position
Year Title[9] Origin Label Peak
2/1967 Blow-Up – The Original Sound Track Album US MGM (E/SE-4447 ST) 192
5/1967 UK MGM (C/CS 8039)
"—" denotes soundtrack that did not chart

Albums since 1969[edit]


List of albums with year, title, label, and comments
Year Title[10] Label Comments
2003 Birdland Favored Nations (FN2280-2) recorded Los Angeles and London 2003, reached #25 on Billboard's Independent Albums chart[11]

Live Albums[edit]

List of live albums with year, title, label, and comments
Year Title[10] Label Comments
8/1971 Live Yardbirds! Featuring Jimmy Page Epic (E 30615) recorded New York 1968; withdrawn shortly after release, but frequently bootlegged[12]
1984 London 1963 – The First Recordings! L & R (44.001) unreleased live recordings and demo from 1963
5/1991 Yardbirds ...On Air
(re-released as BBC Sessions (1999, Warner Archives 2-46694))
Band of Joy (BOJCD 200) recorded by BBC 1965–68
1999 Reunion Jam Mooreland St. recorded London 1992
2003 Live! Blueswailing July '64 Castle Music (06076-81331-2) unreleased live recordings from 1964
2006 Reunion Jam Vol. II Mooreland St. recorded London 1992
2007 Live at B.B. King Blues Club Favored Nations (FN2580-2) recorded New York 2006
2014 Making Tracks Wienerworld live recordings from the 2010-11 tours

Selected compilation albums[edit]

Numerous Yardbird's compilation albums issued by a number of record companies have been released over the years (AllMusic shows over 100 compilations).[13] The following lists some of the more notable and current releases:[14]

List of compilations with year, title, label, and comments
Year Title[14] Label Comments
10/1970 The Yardbirds Featuring Performances by Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page Epic (EG-30135) early US compilation featuring all three lineups, reached #155 on the Billboard 200
8/1992 Little Games Sessions and More EMI USA (0777-7-98213-2 7) includes non-album singles and alternate takes/mixes
8/2000 Cumular Limit Burning Airlines (Pilot 24) includes demos recorded in New York in 1968 and enhanced CD of four live songs from 1967 German TV show
7/2001 Ultimate! Rhino (R2 79825) features selections spanning career from 1963 demos to 1968 last single
2002 The Yardbirds Story
(previously released in 1993 as Train Kept A-Rollin' - The Complete Giorgio Gomelsky Productions)
2002, Charly Records SNAB 905 CD most available Yardbird recordings from 1963–66 (before Yardbirds/Over Under Sideways Down), including previously unreleased 1963–64 demos and live recordings, and later alternate takes
12/2011 Glimpses 1963–1968 Easy Action (EARS 035) mostly live recordings, including some unreleased and those previously scattered among various semi-official and bootleg releases

Original singles 1964–1968[edit]

List of singles with year, title, origin, label, and peak chart position
Year Title A-side / B-side Origin Label Peak
5/1964 "I Wish You Would" / "A Certain Girl" UK Columbia (DB 7283)
8/1964 US Epic (5-9709)
10/1964 "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" / "I Ain't Got You" UK Columbia (DB 7391) 44
3/1965 "For Your Love" / "Got To Hurry" UK Columbia (DB 7499) 3
4/1965 US Epic (5-9790) 6
6/1965 "Heart Full of Soul" / "Steeled Blues" UK Columbia (DB 7594) 2
7/1965 US Epic (5-9823) 9
10/1965 "Evil Hearted You" / "Still I'm Sad" UK Columbia (DB 7706) 3
"I'm a Man" / "Still I'm Sad" US Epic (5-9857) 17
2/1966 "Questa Volta"[a] / "Paff...Bum" Italy Ricordi International
(SIR 20-010)
"Shapes of Things" / "You're a Better Man Than I" UK Columbia (DB 7848) 3
"Shapes of Things" / "New York City Blues" [b] US Epic (5-10006) 11
3/1966 "Boom Boom" / "Honey In Your Hips" NL,
CBS (1433)
5/1966 "Over Under Sideways Down" / "Jeff's Boogie" UK Columbia (DB 7928) 10
6/1966 US Epic (5-10035) 13
10/1966 "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago" / "Psycho Daisies" UK Columbia (DB 8024) 43
11/1966 "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago" / "The Nazz Are Blue" US Epic (5-10094) 30
3/1967 "Little Games"[c] / "Puzzles" US Epic (5-10156) 51
4/1967 UK Columbia (DB 8165)
7/1967 "Ha Ha Said The Clown"[d] / "Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor" US Epic (5-10204) 45
10/1967 "Ten Little Indians"[e] / "Drinking Muddy Water" US Epic (5-10248) 96
3/1968 "Goodnight Sweet Josephine"[f] / "Think About It" US Epic (5-10303) 127
"—" denotes singles that did not chart

Extended plays[edit]

List of EPs with year, title, origin, label, and peak chart position
Year Title Origin Label Peak
8/1965 Five Yardbirds EP
("My Girl Sloopy", "I'm Not Talking", "I Ain't Done Wrong")
UK Columbia (SEG 8421) 5
1/1967 Over Under Sideways Down EP
("Over Under Sideways Down", "I Can't Make Your Way", "He's Always There", "What Do You Want")
UK Columbia (SEG 8521)
"—" denotes EP that did not chart


List of videos with year, title, label, and comments
Year Title[18] Label Comments
12/1966 Blow-Up MGM The group performs "Stroll On", reissued on DVD by Warner Home Video in 2004
11/1995 Yardbirds: Where the Guitar Gods Played WEA reissued on DVD by Rhino in 2003
2012 Making Tracks Wienerworld released as an audio CD in 2014



  1. ^ Jeff Beck does not play on "Questa Volta" – Chris Dreja played the guitar parts
  2. ^ The B-side for the US "Shapes of Things" was initially "I'm Not Talking", but was quickly changed to "New York City Blues"
  3. ^ Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty do not play on "Little Games"
  4. ^ Keith Relf sings "Ha Ha Said the Clown" backed by session musicians; no other Yardbirds were involved
  5. ^ Dreja and McCarty do not play on "Ten Little Indians"
  6. ^ Dreja and McCarty do not play on "Good Night Sweet Josephine" – a UK test/promo version has entire group


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