The Year of the French (album)

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The Year of the French
Chieftains Year Of French.jpg
Studio album by The Chieftains
Released 1983
Genre Irish folk music

Claddagh (Ireland)

Shanachie (USA)
Producer Paddy Moloney
The Chieftains chronology
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The Year of the French
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars [1]

The Year of the French is an Irish folk album by The Chieftains. Produced by Paddy Moloney, it was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin, in September 1982 and released in 1983.

On this album The Chieftains appeared with the RTḖ Concert Orchestra, conducted by Proinnsias O'Duinn, and with Ruairi Somers on bagpipes. All the music was composed and arranged by Paddy Moloney to accompany an RTḖ television series.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Killala: The Main Theme" (Chieftains and Orchestra) (2:06)
  2. "The French March" (Chieftains and Orchestra) (4:52)
  3. "The McCarthy Theme" (Chieftains)/ "The Looting" (Orchestra) (3:41)
  4. "Treacy's Barnyard Dance" (Chieftains) (5:34)
  5. "The Irish March: March of the Mayomen"/ "Uillean Pipes Lament" (Chieftains and Orchestra) (3:11)
  6. "Killala: The Main Theme" (Chieftains and Orchestra) (2:01)
  7. "The Irish March: March of the Mayomen" (bagpipes, Chieftains and Orchestra) (3:20)
  8. "Cúnla" (song)/ "The Yearling Fair Reel" (fiddle) (3:06)
  9. "Killala: The Opening Theme" (uilleann pipes and Orchestra)/ "Killala: The Coach Ride" (Chieftains) (4:03)
  10. "The Bolero: McCarthy's Arrest" (Orchestra) (1:36)
  11. "The McCarthy Theme" (flute and harp)/ "The Wandering" (Orchestra) (3:52)
  12. "The French March" (Chieftains and Orchestra)/ "Cooper's Tune" (Orchestra) (2:31)
  13. "The Hanging"/ "Sean O'Di" (Chieftains) (2:45)
  14. "Killala: The Main Theme" (Chieftains and Orchestra) (2:08)



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