The Yellow Melodies

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The Yellow Melodies
Origin Murcia, Spain
Genres Indie pop
Years active 1996 - present
Labels Discos Imprescindibles, Clifford Records, Jabalina
Associated acts Vacaciones
Members Rafa Skam
Pilar Aparisi
José Ángel
Past members Mª Mar Martínez
Fran Vázquez
Miguel Ángel
Mª del Mar
Ángel Pop

The Yellow Melodies is an indie pop band from Murcia, in Spain.


-THE YELLOW MELODIES are an indiepop band from Murcia (España). They start making music at the end of the 90′s. They have released 7 albums, several singles and EPs on different labels (Cloudberry, The Beautiful Music, Bubbletone, Clifford, Edition 59, Jabalina, Discos Imprescindibles,…) and their songs have been included in many compilations all around the world.

-THE YELLOW MELODIES are: Rafa Skam (voice and guitar); Pilar (bass and backing vocals); Mª del Mar (keyboards, flute and backing vocals) and José Ángel (drums).

-They have played live more than 100 times, supporting bands such as Emma Pollock (ex-THE DELGADOS), THE LADYBUG TRANSISTOR or THE PRIMARY 5 (ex-TEENAGE FANCLUB), and they have also played Spanish festivals such as Contempopranea, Lemon Pop, Sos 4.8, Sonorama, Easy Pop Weekend, Microsonidos, etc… and European festivals such as the International Pop Overthrow in Liverpool. They have taken part on TV shows, such as TVE’s Los Conciertos de Radio 3 / La 2. And they have also sold their records all around the world, from Japan to Europe.

-They have some videoclips shot; one of them, “Mr Sand and Mrs Sea” (directed by Faustino Fdez.) was awarded as the “Best Video-clip”, in the Spanish Pop-Eye Awards of the independent music.

-Twelve singles have been released from their ‘New Identities’ album, with rarities and excellent b-sides, that would be collected in a compilation CD in 2014 by the Seattle indiepop label Jigsaw Records. Along 2013 they released a trilogy of albums with versions, called “Fans”: 3 LPs released exclusively in limited editions of colour vinyl.


  • Rafa Skam: voice / guitar.
  • Pilar Aparisi: bass.
  • José Ángel: drums.



  • Repertorio B (Pussycats, 1998).
  • High (Jabalina, 2000).
  • New Identities (Discos Imprescindibles, 2010).
  • Fan #1 (Discos Imprescindibles, 2013).
  • Fan #2 (Discos Imprescindibles, 2013).
  • Fan #3 (Discos Imprescindibles, 2013).
  • Alternate Identities (Jigsaw Records, 2014).

EPs and Singles[edit]

  • Surprise (Jabalina, 2002).
  • The Championship Cup (Clifford, 2008).
  • Split (Cloudberry, 2009).
  • New Identities Ep (Clifford, 2009).
  • Found Your Smile Ep (Bubbletone, 2010).
  • You Make Me Fall In Love (Edition 59 - Vollwert, 2011).
  • It's Only Love (Discos Imprescindibles, 2011).
  • I'll Never Understand (Discos Imprescindibles, 2011).
  • The Story Of My Life (Discos Imprescindibles, 2011).
  • Friday Night (Discos Imprescindibles, 2011).
  • No More Parties (Discos Imprescindibles, 2011).
  • So Well Together (Discos Imprescindibles, 2011).
  • Keep Away From Me (Discos Imprescindibles, 2011).
  • My Wedding (Discos Imprescindibles, 2011).
  • How Television Personalities Learned To Love (The Beautiful Music, 2012).
  • Students Of Life. A Tribute to Bmx Bandits (The Beautiful Music / Sweet Grooves, 2015).


  • "Magic land" and "Love me true", on 'New Wave For Your Pretty Face' (In The City, 1997).
  • "Dad", on 'Canción Ligera' (Pussycats, 1997).
  • "No me imagino", on 'Guía Essential de la Nueva Ola' (Rock Indiana, 1998).
  • "The secret garden", on 'Mucho Más Que... Al Salir De Clase' (Pussycats / Get, 1999).
  • "Sí", on 'Mascotas' (Jabalina, 1999).
  • "The secret garden", on 'Cinta Indifferente' (Fanzine La Indifferencia nº 7, 1999).
  • "Aeropuerto", on 'Homenaje a La Voz Femenina' (El Señor Guindilla, 1999).
  • "Puedes llamarme" and "New emotions", on 'El Sol Sale Para Todos...' (Jabalina, 2000).
  • "Showgirl", on 'Georgy Girl 5' (Fanzine Georgy Girl nº 5, 2000).
  • "Let it be tonight", on 'Mercurio' (Fanzine El Planeta Amarillo nº 2, 2000).
  • "She says", on 'Georgy Girl 7' (Fanzine Georgy Girl nº 7, 2001).
  • "Someone special", on '10 Años de Espíritu Jabalina' (Jabalina, 2003).
  • "They'll come true" and "Mr. Sand and Mrs. Sea", on 'Entresemana' (Sponge / Discos Mary Celeste, 2004).
  • "They'll come true", "Mr. Sand and Mrs. Sea", "The championship cup" and "I want to be with you", on 'Entresemana (2ª Edición)' (Sponge / Discos Mary Celeste, 2005).
  • "Change" and "Everyday is like today", on 'Megaton Yeye' (Bon Vivant, 2005).
  • "A silent place" and "Have you ever...?", on 'Moderno Pero Español, Vol. 5' (Bon Vivant, 2005).
  • "Play for today", on 'Acá Está La Cura. Tributo a The Cure' (Licor de Mono, 2006).
  • "Mr. Sand & Mrs. Sea (Happy on the beach)" and "I want to be with you", on 'Bikini Beat, Volumen 01' (Bon Vivant, 2006).
  • "Everyday is like today", on 'Pop a porter 06' (Bon Vivant, 2006).
  • "Mr. Sand & Mrs. Sea (Happy on the beach)", on 'Hablame, Decime Algo, Por Favor!!!' (Licor De Mono, 2008) .
  • "You make me fall in love (demo)", on 'Volume 22' (Series Two, 2009).
  • "Christmas time", on 'Christmas Special' (Series Two, 2009).
  • "The story of my life (acoustic demo)", on 'No Quiero Escuchar Tu Ruido' (Licor de Mono, 2010).
  • "Magic land", on 'Cosmopoplitan, Volume 1' (O Bosque - Woodland, 2010).
  • "With you in my life", on 'Play On. A Homage to Raspberries' (Clifford, 2010).
  • "Vamos a ganar el Mundial", on 'Fast Forward: The World Cup Goes Indie' (Indiecater, 2010).
  • "Look back in anger", on 'Dublab Presents… Labrat Label Loves' (Dublab, 2012).
  • "Your class" and "Something that you do (acoustic)", on 'A brilliant escape. The happening sounds of beauty' (The Beautiful Music, 2013).
  • "Amanecer", on 'Contemplaciones: Homenaje Iberoamericano a Jeanette' (Plastilina, 2015).

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