The Yellow Passport

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The Yellow Passport
The Yellow Passport 1919.jpg
Clara Kimball Young reacts as John St. Polis is punched by Edwin August in a scene still from the 1916 silent drama The Yellow Passport.
Directed by Edwin August
Written by Abraham S. Schomer (author)[1]
Frances Marion (scenario)
Edwin August (scenario)
Based on The Yellow Ticket
by Michael Morton's
Starring Clara Kimball Young
Cinematography Philip Hatkin
World Film
Distributed by World Film
Release date
  • February 7, 1916 (1916-02-07)
Running time
5 reels
Country United States
Language Silent

The Yellow Passport is a lost 1916 silent film drama produced and distributed by the World Film Company. It was directed by Edwin August and stars Clara Kimball Young. The film is based on Michael Morton's 1914 Broadway play, The Yellow Ticket. On the stage the lead characters were played by Florence Reed and John Barrymore. Morton's story was filmed several times in the silent era and made as The Yellow Ticket in 1931 with Lionel Barrymore and Elissa Landi.[2][3]

A rerelease title for this film was The Badge of Shame.


Sonia Sokoloff, a young Jewish girl in Czarist Russia, is forced to pretend to be a prostitute to obtain a passport (a "yellow ticket") in order to visit her father, whom she believes to be ill. When she arrives in St. Petersburg, she learns that her father has been killed. She encounters a young journalist and tells him of the crimes the state perpetrates against its citizens.


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