The Yiddishers

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The Yiddishers were a London street gang based in Whitechapel, one of whose members was future mobster Jack Spot, during the inter-war years. During the 1930s, they opposed the growing fascist movement in Great Britain and participated in an attack on members of the British Union of Fascists led by Sir Oswald Mosley, later known as the Battle of Cable Street on 4 October 1936.[1]

Other gangs in London around the same period as the Yiddishers were the Jewish Aldgate Mob, Russian Jews Bessarabian Tigers, Bethnal Green Mob who were allies with the Hoxton Mob, Camden Town's Broad Mob, Elephant & Castle Boys, Islington Mob, Kings Cross Gang, Odessians, West End Boys and the Whitechapel Mob.[2]


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