The Yo-Yo Gang

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The Yo-Yo Gang
The Yo-Yo Gang (film poster).jpg
Directed by G.B. Jones
Written by G.B. Jones
Starring Caroline Azar
Donna Dresch
Leslie Mah
Beverly Breckenridge
Jena von Brücker
G.B. Jones
Bruce LaBruce
Deke Nihilson
Cinematography G.B. Jones
Jena von Brucker
Edited by G.B. Jones
Release date
  • 1992 (1992)
Running time
30 minutes
Country Template:Fiilm Canada
Language English

The Yo-Yo Gang is a thirty-minute 'Exploitation film' about girl gangs released in 1992.

Directed by G.B. Jones, this 'no budget film' follows the exploits of two girl gangs, the "Yo-Yo Gang" and the "Skateboard Bitches", as a gangwar erupts between them. The tag line for the film reads: "Gang girls frequently out-curse, out-fight and out-sex every boys' gang around".

In between fighting, the film features scenes of the girls getting tattooed, piercing each other's ears, beating up boys, playing arcade games, riding scooters and talking on the phone.

The film was made using Super 8mm film format. It was shot in Toronto, Ontario, and San Francisco, California. Posters and stills from the film are featured in the book named after the director, G.B. Jones

The theme song, "Yo-Yo" is performed by Fifth Column and the film also features songs by Human Ashtrays and by Anti-Scrunti Faction, seen performing their song "Frat Boy". The soundtrack, including these bands and songs, was a cassette tape only release on Bitch Nation Tapes.

The film stars a number of notable musicians, including both members of Anti-Scrunti Faction, Leslie Mah, also of Tribe 8, and Tracie Thomas; Donna Dresch of Team Dresch; and Caroline Azar, Beverly Breckenridge, and Anita Smith, all Fifth Column members.

The cover of the Fifth Column album 36-C features a still shot of Jena von Brücker from the film. The cover of the Fifth Column 7 " single, "All Women Are Bitches", features a still shot of Anita Smith from the film, and the flipside, "Donna", features a still shot of Donna Dresch from the film.

The Yo-Yo Gang has played at film festivals and galleries around the world [1] as well as at universities and colleges,[2] and continues to be screened today.

Previously, G.B. Jones had directed the short film The Troublemakers, released in 1990. After The Yo-Yo Gang, she directed the feature film The Lollipop Generation, released in 2008.

The movie has never been released on DVD or Blu-Ray, however it was released on VHS which is extremely hard to find.



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