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The Zircons or The Zirkons a singing musical group with various line-up with recording in the late 1950s and during the 1960s.

Zircons (1959-1963)[edit]

The original members of The Zircons (spelled with a c) included:.[1]

  • Jimmy Gerenetski (lead)
  • Neil Collelo
  • John Loiacono
  • Ken Pulicino
  • Donald Lewis

Their biggest hit was a 1963 cover of "Lonely Way", The Skyliners' 1959 recording. They followed it up with "Your Way" on Mellomood Records.

The Zircons / The Zirkons (1964-1967)[edit]

In 1964, six singers from Bronx, New York, formed an a cappella (or doo-wop) group. The Zirkons (spelt with k) had the following line-up:.[2]

  • Mario Ibanez (lead)
  • Carlos Infante (baritone)
  • Leo Perez (1st tenor)
  • Robert McInerney (2nd tenor)
  • Neal Stuart Schneberg (1st/2nd tenor/falsetto lead)
  • Barry Zakar (baritone)

The Zirkons recorded on various record labels, including Old Timer / Cat-Time / Catamount / Amber (as The Zircons) and on Snowflake Records (as The Zirkons).

Their repertory included:

  • 1964: "You Are My Sunshine", "Silver Bells" and "Stormy Weather" [Old Timer Records]
  • 1965: "Blue Moon", "Remember Then", "Unchained Melody", "You Baby You" [Catamount Records]
  • 1966: "One Summer Night", "Lone Stranger"
  • 1967: "Here in My Heart"

Other Zircons/Zirkons songs included "Come Dance With Me", "Crazy For You", "Glory of Love", "My Own True Love", "Never", "Blue Moon", "Once In A While", "Sincerely", "Smile", and "Sunday Kind Of Love", "The Wind".


Other Zircons groups have recorded on labels like Heigh-Ho, Winston/Dot, and Federal.


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