The babysitter and the man upstairs

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The babysitter and the man upstairs — also known as the babysitter or the sitter — is an urban legend that dates back to the 1960s about a teenage girl babysitting children who receives telephone calls from a stalker who continually asks her to "check the children"[1] The basic storyline has been adapted a number of times in movies.[2]

The legend[edit]

A teenage girl is babysitting at night. The children have been put to bed upstairs and the babysitter is downstairs, watching television. The phone rings; a caller then says: "Check on the children." The adolescent dismisses the call and goes back to watching television. The anonymous caller dials back several times. Eventually the babysitter felt anxious as she dialed 911 to tell the police about the suspicion, the police inform her that they will trace the next call. After the stranger calls again, the police return her call, advising her that those calls are coming from inside the house, then they demand her to escape from the nearest exit immediately. She evacuates the home and the police meet her. They explain that the calls were coming from inside the house, and that the unidentified prowler was calling her after massacring the children upstairs.

Variations in movies[edit]

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