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Statue of the brothers in Malé Svatoňovice

The Brothers Čapek were Josef and Karel Čapek, Czech writers who sometimes wrote together. They are commemorated both for their literary/artistic works and political activism against oppressive government. Their house is now a cultural monument of the Czech Republic, and there are various memorials to them. Their most famous work is the play Pictures from the Insects' Life, a humorous political allegory.

The Brothers' House, Bratří Čapků street, Prague


  • Vibrant Depths (Zářivé hlubiny) 1916 – Collection of short stories, also illustrated by Josef. The title story refers to a supposedly unsinkable ship, the Oceanik.
  • Giant Garden (Krakonošova zahrada) 1918 – Mixture of stories and essays, the title referring to countryside where they grew up.
  • Nine Fairy Tales and another by Josef Čapek as an afterthought (Devatero pohádek) 1932 – Lessons from life for children.


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